Yin Ning


Department: Chemistry

Group: Prof. Steven Armes

Status: PhD Student

Email: yning3@sheffield.ac.uk


I received my bachelor’s degree in polymer materials and engineering (2006-2010) and my Master’s degree in materials science at South China University of Technology (2010-2013) and then moved to the University of Sheffield pursuing my PhD degree.

Research Interests

• Novel functional materials based on RAFT mediated PISA.

• Crystallisation in the presence of polymeric nano-objects.

• Janus particles, porous materials, Pickering emulsion.

Recent Publications

1. Ning, Y.; Fielding, L. A.; Andrews, T. S.; Growney, D. J.; Armes, S. P.; Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 6691.

2. Ning, Y.; Yang, Y.; Wang, C.; Ngai, T.; Tong, Z. Chem Commun 2013, 49, 8761.

3. Ning, Y.; Wang, C.; Ngai, T.; Tong, Z. Langmuir 2013, 29, 5138.

4. Ning, Y.; Wang, C.; Ngai, T.; Yang, Y.; Tong, Z. Rsc Adv 2012, 2, 5510.