Dr Christine Fernyhough


Department: Mechanical Engineering

Group: Prof. Patrick Fairclough

Status: Postdoctoral Research Associate



I’m currently based in the Composite Systems Innovation Centre based at Garden Street. Prior to this, I worked in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield in the Polymer Scattering group with Profs Tony Ryan and Patrick Fairclough. I also gained my PhD from this department in 1998 (“Oil soluble block copolymers” supervisor Dr Ron Young, EPSRC CASE award with Exxon) , and BSc (Hons) in 1994. I also spent some time at the University of Athens, Greece ib the research group of Prof. Nikos Hadjichristidis (2002)

Research Interests

My current project is on “Structural Colour” working with the Physics and Chemistry Departments, Akzo Nobel and the Natural History Museum. More generally, I have expertise in polymer chemistry, notably anionic polymerisation. I’m interested in how polymers self-assemble, both in the bulk-state and in solution, and also the effects of polymer architecture on their properties. I have been fortunate enough to work on several collaborative projects with researchers and industrialists nationally, and internationally.

Recent Publications

1. Mykhaylyk, O. O.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Okura, M.; Fairclough, J. P. A.; Ryan, A. J.; Graham, R., Monodisperse macromolecules - A stepping stone to understanding industrial polymers. European Polymer Journal 2011, 47, (4), 447-464.

2. LoPresti, C.; Massignani, M.; Fernyhough, C.; Blanazs, A.; Ryan, A. J.; Madsen, J.; Warren, N. J.; Armes, S. P.; Lewis, A. L.; Chirasatitsin, S.; Engler, A. J.; Battaglia, G., Controlling Polymersome Surface Topology at the Nanoscale by Membrane Confined Polymer/Polymer Phase Separation. Acs Nano 2011, 5, (3), 1775-1784.

3. Ahn, S.; Im, K.; Chang, T.; Chambon, P.; Fernyhough, C. M., 2D-LC Characterization of Comb-Shaped Polymers Using Isotope Effect. Analytical Chemistry 2011, 83, (11), 4237-4242.

4. Tzokova, N.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Topham, P. D.; Sandon, N.; Adams, D. J.; Butler, M. F.; Armes, S. P.; Ryan, A. J., Soft hydrogels from nanotubes of poly(ethylene oxide)-tetraphenylalanine conjugates prepared by click chemistry. Langmuir 2009, 25, (4), 2479-85.

5. Tzokova, N.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Butler, M. F.; Armes, S. P.; Ryan, A. J.; Topham, P. D.; Adams, D. J., The Effect of PEO Length on the Self-Assembly of Poly(ethylene oxide)-Tetrapeptide Conjugates Prepared by "Click" Chemistry. Langmuir 2009, 25, (18), 11082-11089.

6. Parnell, A. J.; Tzokova, N.; Topham, P. D.; Adams, D. J.; Adams, S.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Ryan, A. J.; Jones, R. A. L., The efficiency of encapsulation within surface rehydrated polymersomes. Faraday Discussions 2009, 143, 29-46.

7. McLeish, T. C. B.; Clarke, N.; de Luca, E.; Hutchings, L. R.; Graham, R. S.; Gough, T.; Grillo, I.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Chambon, P., Neutron flow-mapping: Multiscale modelling opens a new experimental window. Soft Matter 2009, 5, (22), 4426-4432.

8. Fernyhough, C.; Ryan, A. J.; Battaglia, G., pH controlled assembly of a polybutadiene-poly(methacrylic acid) copolymer in water: packing considerations and kinetic limitations. Soft Matter 2009, 5, (8), 1674-1682.

9. Adams, D. J.; Kitchen, C.; Adams, S.; Furzeland, S.; Atkins, D.; Schuetz, P.; Fernyhough, C. M.; Tzokova, N.; Ryan, A. J.; Butler, M. F., On the mechanism of formation of vesicles from poly(ethylene oxide)-block-poly(caprolactone) copolymers. Soft Matter 2009, 5, (16), 3086-3096.