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Noise and anti-social behaviour

The University operates a 24-hour security helpline which will respond to calls from local residents with concerns about student behaviour in the community. Our security officers will visit student properties to speak to students about their behaviour and can escalate serious or repeat issues to the University's Student Conduct and Appeals team.

24 hour security
0114 222 4085

Student properties

Smart Move Shefffield is run by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Students' Union. Properties registered with the service must meet certain standards.

The team can help with issues relating to properties registered with Smart Move. You may need to speak to Sheffield City Council's private sector housing team or waste management services about properties which are not registered with us.

Smart Move Sheffield
0114 222 6058
Smart Move Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council Private Sector Housing Team.

Sheffield City Council Waste Management Services.

Student volunteering

We're always on the look out for exciting and worthwhile ways our students can get involved in local communities. If you have a volunteering project you'd like students to help with, please contact Sheffield Volunteering (part of Sheffield Students' Union), or use the Sheffield Volunteering Hub to register your volunteering projects.

Sheffield Volunteering
0114 222 8626
Sheffield Volunteering.

Community relations

For other matters relating to community relations, please contact:

External Relations
James Merryclough
Sustainability & Communications Manager
0114 222 0565