Consumer Culture in an Age of Anxiety (CONANX)


Funded by the European Research Council, this four-year research programme (2009-12) will investigate consumer anxieties about food at a variety of geographical scales from the global scale of international food markets to the domestic scale of individual households.

The programme is led by Professor Peter Jackson, with co-investigators in Sheffield (Dr Matt Watson) and Sweden (Professor Helene Brembeck) and with a team of researchers based in ICoSS, the University of Sheffield´s Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences, and at the Centre for Consumer Science (CFK) in Göteborg.

The CONANX project was completed in December 2012. A one-page Project Summary and a longer End of Award report are available to download from the menu on this page. Further work is continuing via an ERC-funded proof of concept project (FoodFutures).

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