Chinese Culture Courses


Chinese Zither (Guzheng) Beginners’ Class for all

Immerse yourself into a world of Chinese traditional music and enjoy the hauntingly beautiful Guzheng (which is a 21-stringed Chinese plucked zither). Learn to read Chinese music notations/scores, get introduced to the main Chinese guzheng performance styles, practise the basic playing techniques and enjoy guzheng performance.

No prior knowledge about music and Chinese language are needed. Guzheng instrument will be provided during the class. Maximum 3 people per class. Classes for adults and children are separated.

Time and date need to be set individually: 1h/w, normally weekday after 5pm.

Please make a reply to to state your preferred time. We will endevour to accommodate you. Therefore, your timetable will be confirmed with you in person.

Venue: CI Office, 5-7 Shearwood Road, S10 2TD; Fees: £100 per 10 weekly sessions.

12-week Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy classThese courses require no prior knowledge of Chinese language/writing. You will practice the basics of Chinese calligraphy and get introduced to the main Chinese calligraphy styles, and also learn more about the cultural and historical message of the characters you write.



The course is currently not open.

12-week Wu-style Tai Chi

This class allows you to master some basic moves of Taijiquan, a martial art form extremely popular both in China and abroad. A typical daily exercise for many Chinese, this calm yet powerful training is well known for its beneficial effects on health, coordination and the ability to focus.

This is an open level course. Please wear comfortable sportswear.

Time: Sundays 4-6pm, following the university Semester dates.

Venue: Studio 1, Drama Studio, Shearwood Road, S10 2TD

Course enrollments are open via the University Online Store at the near time of August and January.

Kung Fu courses

Currently Kung Fun courses are only offered to children on Saturdays.

Chinese Kung Fu for children aged 5 and above:

Time: Saturdays 1:45-2:45 and 2:55-3:55

Venue: Bartolome House, School of Law, Winter Street, S3 7ND

For more information, please contact: