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NewFREE Beginners Mandarin Lessons

Are you over 18? Have you never learned Chinese before? Are you interested in learning Chinese this year? Do you live in or around Sheffield?

If you said yes to these questions, we are offering FREE Chinese classes that you could attend as part of a research study on language learning.

£100 deposit is needed for these free classes. Once you attend all 16 lessons, plus 4 research sessions at the beginning and end of each block of 8 lessons, £100 will be refunded to you.

Online Beginners Mandarin
Time:   6:30pm-8:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays
Dates: next round of the course is under preparations.
If you are interested and would like to receive more information, please email Brittany at  b.blankinship@ed.ac.uk or Darren at z.duan@sheffield.ac.uk

Deposit at https://onlineshop.shef.ac.uk (Currently NOT OPEN)  At "All Departments", search for "Free Online Beginners Mandarin" 
Online Teaching: Due to Covid-19 pandemic, current lessons during 18th May - 23rd July take place online. (Normally, all classes take place at Bartolome House, School of Law, University of Sheffield, Winter Street, Sheffield S3 7ND. )

There are two sets of classes, one focusing on spoken Chinese and one focusing on written Chinese. By participating in the study, you will take both classes, but the order will be determined at random. Classes will take place 2 times a week (6:30pm-8:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays) for 4 weeks (8 sessions total) followed by a 2-week break and then 2 times a week (6:30pm-8:30pm on Mondays and Thursdays) for 4 weeks (8 sessions total). 

Participating in the classes involves two essential aspects (A) completing online research sessions with the researchers at the beginning and end of each block/class (4 in total) and (B) attending all of the 16 Chinese classes.

The Confucius Institute offers Mandarin Chinese Language courses at all levels, as well as Tai Chi course, to any learners aged >18, including university students, staff, and the general public. The courses are not university-accredited.
(1). "Survival Chinese Crash Course", held at 5-evenings, 6:30-8:30pm, gives you a basic knowledge of the language. It runs in September and early February, just before 12-w courses start.
(2). "Chinese for Everyone" 12-week Mandarin Courses, gives you a systematic study at different levels. Following the University's semester dates, therefore can be followed up, one level by one level, for several semesters. All courses are offered twice a year, starting in September and in February, respectively, and are held at week day evenings, 6:30-8:30pm.
(3). "HSK Chinese Proficiency Courses", can be stand-alone courses, giving you a systematic study towards different Proficiency. They are FREE to (1). those who are taking a 12-w course, (2). who are student at SEAS, and (3). who are about to take HSK tests at our Test Center. Courses are held on Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm.
(4). Private Mandarin tuition is for those who want 1-1 or 1-2 Mandarin lessons, progressing at their own pace and efficiency. Prior to the start, a meeting is arranged to assess your level of Mandarin. Course is normally held at the CI Office.

Venue for our courses: Bartolome House, School of Law, University of Sheffield, Winter Street, Sheffield S3 7ND.

Timetable: 12w Chinese for Everyone_ Timetable Spring 2020.

Registration and Payment is via the University Online Store, search for "Mandarin" at All Departments.

Frequently Asked Questions (Fee, Registration, Textbooks, Certificate, optional tests, scholarships, ...)

"Survival Chinese Crash Course"

SCISurvival Chinese is a crash course, run at 5-evenings, for learners with little or no prior knowledge of Mandarin, and is on offer twice a year (around early February and end of September). It is designed as if you were going to visit China the week after, so it is theme-topic based learning, focused on listening and speaking skills. at the same time, it gives you the very basic knowledge of Chinese language, the pronunciation, the feel of the grammar, the fun and easiness to get started (similar to English grammatically) and study features. It runs over a week, Monday to Friday, total 10 contact hours. The course material is “New Experience Chinese” that is developed by the CI.

NOTE: “Survival Chinese” will be refunded if the same student continues to take 12-week Beginners Mandarin course. The refund will be processed after 3 weeks into a semester.

The next round of Survival Chinese will be at
Monday to Friday, 3rd - 7th February 2020, 6:30-8:30pm
Room DB11, Bartolome House, School of Law, Winter Street, S3 7ND

12-week "Chinese for Everyone" Mandarin Language Courses

Chinese in StepsThe courses aim to provide a solid foundation in all four language skills.
Textbooks is “Chinese in Steps”, vol 1-4.
Each Level can be linked with Chinese Proficiency test- HSK.

Courses                         Textbooks                                      Corresponding HSK
Beginners I:                   Chinese in Steps Vol1, 1st half;        HSK1
Beginners II:                  Chinese in Steps Vol1, 2nd half;       HSK1, HSK2
Upper Beginners I:          Chinese in Steps Vol2, 1st half;        HSK2
Upper Beginners II:        Chinese in Steps Vol2, 2nd half;        HSK2, HSK3
Intermediate I:              Chinese in Steps Vol3, 1st half;         HSK3
Intermediate II:             Chinese in Steps Vol3, 2nd half;        HSK3, HSK4
Upper Intermediate I:     Chinese in Steps Vol4, 1st half;         HSK3, HSK4
Upper Intermediate II:    Chinese in Steps, Vol4, 2nd half        HSK4
Advanced:                     HSK 5 Standard Course                     HSK5

SCI coursesBeginners Mandarin I and II :

Provides complete beginners with a solid foundation in all four language skills. It introduces basic knowledge of Chinese, basic grammar, essential vocabulary, as well as Chinese characters, acquiring practical communicative skills on daily topics.
By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to recognise ~200 Chinese characters, read simple short texts in Chinese, and be able to take HSK Level 1.
The course book is "Chinese in Steps, vol 1" and runs over two semesters, with 24 contact hours each term.

Upper Beginners Mandarin I and II:

The course is a continuation from Beginners Mandarin and uses "Chinese in Steps, vol 2" textbook. It aims to provide Mandarin Beginners with a solid foundation in all four language skills. Students will be introduced to about 400 commonly used Chinese characters and about 700 words. The course also includes instruction on the use of a Chinese dictionary and on basic word processing in Chinese.

Entry for Upper Beginners - For those who have mastered around 200-300 Chinese characters who wish to progress their knowledge of Chinese grammar.

By the end of the course, students are expected to read simple texts in Chinese, communicate within a limited range of daily life situations and be able to take HSK Level 2.

Intermediate Mandarin I and II:

Intermediate - For those with more formal experience and knowledge of around 600 Chinese characters. Designed to further develop the four key language skills in Chinese for Mandarin Beginners, the course starts to use "Chinese in Steps, vol 3" textbook. Students will be introduced to a further 400 characters and about 700 words. The course is still very much practice-based, with communicative activities, structure practice, grammar, reading and writing.
By the end of the course, students should be able to complete basic communication tasks in daily life, study and work. They should be able to handle most communication tasks encountered in China. HSK Level 3 is suggested for students to take.

Upper Intermediate Mandarin I and II:

Upper Intermediate - Assumes familiarity with the major grammar structures of Chinese and knowledge of at least 800 Chinese characters. The course is designed for students who have completed "Chinese in Steps, vol 3" or equivalent, and will start to use "Chinese in Steps, vol 4". Students will be introduced to a further 400 characters and about 700 words.
By the end of the course, students should be able to communicate freely in daily life situations, to describe some events and to express their own ideas and views while engaged in discussion in a limited range of topics. HSK Level 4 is suggested for students to take.

HSK /Chinese Proficiency Courses

HSK Standard CoursesRunning on Wednesday evenings, alongside the above 12-w courses, all the HSK courses can be taken on its own, or as an extra tutorials, or as a test preparation. Held on Wednesday evenings, these courses are FREE to attend for those who have registered for one of the above 12-w courses, for students of China Studies at SEAS, and for those who will take HSK tests at our Test Center. If you aim to take the internationally-recognised Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK and/or HSKK test), you are strongly advised to take these course.

Using a set of HSK Standard textbooks and workbooks, the courses are designed for a systematic study for the language, therefore can be taken on their own, or taken as tutorials assisting the above 12-w courses. If you are not registered for the above 12-w course and still want to take HSK course, the fee for a HSK course is the same as a 12-w course.

Course                  Textbooks                                    Achieving Vocabulary
HSK 1                    HSK Standard Course book 1          150
HSK 2                    HSK Standard Course book 2          300
HSK 3                    HSK Standard Course book 3          600
HSK 4, Lower         HSK Standard Course book 4A        1200
HSK 4, Upper         HSK Standard Course book 4B        1200
HSK 5, Lower         HSK Standard Course book 5A        2500
HSK 5, Upper         HSK Standard Course book 5B        2500

One-to-One Private Mandarin Tuition

1-1Specifically designed to meet personal learning objectives, Private Tuition, based on 1-1 or 1-2, is offered all year round. Prior to a private tuition, a meeting is to be held to assess the learning resources and regular sessions. This meeting can take up to one hour and is free of charge.

The fee rate is £25/h, paid in advance for every 10 hourly-block, i.e. £250. One could choose 1h/w, or two of 1h/w, or 2h/w. The tuition normally takes place at the CI office.

Registration and Payment is via the University Online Store.

For more information, contact:

Email : confucius@sheffield.ac.uk

Tel: 0114 22 28447 / 28332