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New Opportunities: Introduce Mandarin at School for FREE

Department for Education made Foreign Language compulsory for pupils aged 7-11 from September 2014, Mandarin is listed as one the languages.

The Department for Education has made a foreign language a statuary subject at Key Stage 2 and to follow that schools are encouraged to choose one of seven languages - French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Latin and ancient Greek, we think Mandarin is a “must have” at schools.

Mandarin, rated by the UK business the most useful foreign language for employees to speak after French and German, is increasingly becoming a world language. Education Minister Elizabeth Truss said: “Mandarin is the language of the future – it is spoken by hundreds of millions of people in the world’s most populous country and shortly the world’s biggest economy.”

To equip our school leavers and graduates with the language asset, every primary school child should have a good grasp of a language by age 11, while all secondary school pupils should have the opportunity to learn a language like Mandarin.

Built upon our existing programmes, “Confucius Classrooms”, “Chinese for Fun” and “China Days”, we would like to assist schools by offering Mandarin either as a curricular or extra-curricular subject. The first of such course will be free of charge for the individual schools.

We have a pool of native speakers, experienced in the teaching in the UK, and have worked alongside with the mainstream schools since our establishment in January 2007.

We can supply Mandarin teachers and cultural workshop instructors, prepare the teaching and learning materials, and help develop Mandarin language programmes at schools with the right authentic reading materials.

"China in Stories" Storytelling Sessions

China in Stories

"China in Stories" offers storytelling sessions to local schools from September 2010. These sessions aim to bring China's rich culture into the classroom through selected traditional Chinese stories and tales told in English.

Our team of storytellers is composed of enthusiastic young teachers who have been selected through interview and undergone training, including an intensive workshop with professional storyteller and laureate Taffy Thomas MBE. All of them have previous experience in teaching children and have undergone CRB checks.

Schools that are interested can select Chinese tales from a `story menu´ and organise the session either as part of a China Day (see below), or as an event on its own. This selection will include a short abstract of each story, approximate length and suitable age range. The total length and content of the workshop as well as any particular requirements can be discussed in advance.

Please click to find our sample selection of stories.

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