"Chinese for Fun" After-School Mandarin Club

快乐汉语行- 课后汉语班

After School Club

"Chinese for Fun" after-school club is not just a childcare, but an extra-curriculum learning activity, providing a fun and informative way of introducing Chinese language and culture to school pupils of all ages.

The first of such After School Mandarin Club is provided FREE of charge, for each school. Our tutors will develop curriculum and session plans, go to schools and deliver the clubs. Please note, travel expenses may be passed onto school depending on the distance of the school.

The Club is designed for those schools that do not yet have the capacity to introduce Chinese and China-related work, but see this as important addition to established offerings. It can be seen as an initial step to gauge interest among pupils and parents for this new and exciting Mandarin subject.

We suggest that one after-school club is limited to 20 pupils maximum and that the age range within each group is not too large.

If school is looking into the second Mandarin after-school club, the fee is £2 per one-hour session per pupil, and the minimum is £20 per one-hour session, i.e. the minimum charge is for a class of 10 pupils.

Pupils who find that they enjoy Mandarin Chinese study and want to accelerate their language learning, might wish to consider moving on to classes offered by our affiliated Star Mandarin School, which takes place at the University of Sheffield on Saturdays. We accept pupils aged 3.5 - 16 from all over the region. The study is aimed for GCSE Chinese and GCE (A Level) Chinese qualifications.

For more information please contact us.

Email: confucius@sheffield.ac.uk    Tel: 0114 2228447