Copyright is fundamental to what we do at the University and affects everybody. The policies and guidance below describe how copyright law applies to the different ways in which copyright material may be used at the University.

By following the policies and guidance you will be able to safely and confidently use copyright material to support your activities.

The use of University facilities in breach of copyright law is a serious matter, which can damage the good name of the University and is against University Regulations and English Law. This refers to all forms of copyright material, both online and in printed form.

General Copyright Guidance

This guide covers the basic information about the law and University licences. Refer to this along with the other advice when making decisions about re-use of material.

Copyright Online

There are additional considerations which you should be aware of before using copyright material in online environments such as MOLE or contributing to the University's outward facing digital presence, including the main University web site, YouTube accounts, Sheffield iTunes U, and our FutureLearn MOOCs.

Copyright Guidelines for Lecture Recording

Although it may often be legal and acceptable to use copyright material in lectures and seminars, it may not be legal or acceptable to record the use of these materials.

Creating Copyright-Safe Media

The following guides have been designed to help you create copyright-safe media.

Copyright Infringement Policy - Computing Facilities

The University will investigate all reports of University computing facilities being used to copy or distribute copyright material without authorisation of the copyright owner.

Copyright and MOOCs

As MOOCs are online and open to all there are copyright considerations to take into account if you wish you use any third party material.

Further Information

If you require further information regarding copyright please email