Advice for prospective students

The following information is for prospective University students planning to join the University in 2020-21.

With a short while to go before the start of the academic year, you may be wondering what to expect when you join the University of Sheffield. While the semester might be a bit different to what you were expecting, we are looking forward to welcoming you to campus for the new academic year. We have been busy making preparations in line with the latest government guidelines and with your safety as our top priority.

We've prepared the following frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please contact Due to the high volume of enquiries we are currently receiving there may be a delay to our response.

We'll continue to issue any further advice and guidance as it becomes available, so we encourage everyone to read the information contained here carefully and regularly, and to follow the instructions given.

This web page includes some updates about how we have adapted our plans for teaching, accommodation and health and safety on campus.

How we're preparing for autumn term 2020

Our autumn term 2020 web pages provide the latest information on: safety on campus and in the city, accommodation, learning and teaching, and student support.

Autumn term 2020

Additional sources of information

The following websites are regularly updated with advice and information:

Please also refer to the latest advice on the main coronavirus homepage.

Frequently asked questions - for prospective students

The questions and answers below are relevant to prospective students. Other information is available on our advice pages:

Frequently asked questions - general

Academic year 2020/21

What are the 2020-21 academic year semester dates?

We are currently planning for Undergraduate courses to begin from 28 September 2020.

The majority of Postgraduate Taught courses will begin at the revised date of 26 October 2020. There will be some exceptions to this start date for professional or health related Postgraduate Taught courses, and Distance Learning courses. If you hold an offer on one of these courses, the University will have contacted you directly to confirm your start date.

The start date for new Postgraduate Research students will also be 26 October. If you have existing individual arrangements, or are part of an inter-institutional doctoral training partnership which requires an earlier start date, you will need to register alongside Undergraduates (for the start date of 28 September). You should discuss this with your supervisor in the first instance.

We hope that the delay to the start date will allow, particularly our overseas students, time to ensure that you have met any outstanding conditions to your offer, apply for visas and put plans in place for your arrival in Sheffield. Currently there are no other planned changes to the semester dates.

How will learning and teaching work in the 2020-21 academic year?

You’ll be taught through a blend of face-to-face teaching in small groups in Sheffield, where social distancing can be maintained, supported by digital delivery. Our aim is to teach in small groups wherever possible. This will be supported by the best possible online alternative. This means that in the Autumn term, large lectures will be delivered solely online.

The campus will be open for the 2020-21 academic year with health and safety measures in place.

All programmes will include an element of face to face teaching, although the amount and frequency will vary depending on the discipline. Your department will provide further detail about what this will be like for you.

Laboratories, studios, clinical spaces and practical areas will also be open and social distancing measures will be in place.

Your timetable will be provided during induction week and will include details of both on campus and online classes so that you can plan your time effectively. The timetable is being prepared to ensure that you can move between classes in the safest possible way and to support social distancing.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of your education, development and graduate opportunities, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. While we will be operating slightly differently in the 2020/21 academic year, we will always be here to support you and ensure that your Sheffield student experience remains excellent.

We will continue to communicate updates with you as the situation develops.

Will the libraries be open?

We are committed to reopening our physical library spaces and services, as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are currently working through our three stage return to campus plan.

While our library buildings are closed, our digital library is open. Our online service has almost a million ebooks and over 60,000 journal titles along with a virtual library team and specialist librarians ready to support you to ensure your studies are unaffected as much as possible.

We will continue to update you on any further reintroduction of physical services and will continue to monitor changes as new guidance becomes available.

If you have any questions, please visit the Library FAQs page or contact the library online via live chat or email

My course has a placement. What will be the arrangements for me in 2020-21?

For a few of our accredited courses, students have placements, for example clinical or teaching placements. We're currently in discussions with the relevant professional bodies to agree arrangements for these courses for the 2020-21 academic year. We'll update this page with more information when we have it.

What orientation activities will you be offering?

Orientation Week will take place online in the week commencing 14 September for undergraduate students and 19 October for postgraduate students.
You’ll be able to attend virtual talks and take part in social activities with staff and student ambassadors allowing you time to settle into your accommodation and our community before you commence your studies. You can register your interest here to receive further information and updates as they are announced.

Orientation week is a great opportunity to make friends and learn more about our city and campus. Further details of these activities will be shared with you in the coming weeks.


Should I book my university accommodation for 2020-2021 and what happens if I can’t move in due to government restrictions?

We recommend that you book your accommodation as normal online via your MUSE account once you have accepted your place at The University of Sheffield.

We will be offering a release from contract if you have applied and accepted a residence contract and then do not come to Sheffield due to travel restrictions, visa issues, you are taking a leave of absence or are deferring for a year.

If there is a need for you to arrive early or later than the start of your University Accommodation Contract, accommodation will be available and payment plans can be arranged to assist with managing your finances and flexible start dates as needed. We will be back in touch with you soon to confirm how this will work along with dates for arrival.

We are also committed to helping you through any period of self-isolation (quarantine) which may still be in place in October. Therefore we are offering free accommodation for the two weeks before your normal residence contract start date. This is for students arriving from outside the UK and who have chosen university owned and managed accommodation for the academic year 2020/21. We will be back in touch with you to confirm how this will work along with dates for arrival.

We will have a full programme of events and activities online and in person to help you meet new friends and settle into University.

If you have not already done so then you can apply now if you are a UG, PG or Erasmus student as long as you have a confirmed place of study and have chosen Sheffield as your first choice university.

For more details contact

Postgraduate accommodation contract dates will move in line with the new start date of 26 October. At the moment, we do not have an official accommodation contract start date for postgraduate students. More information will be added to our accommodation webpages soon.

Accommodation Services coronavirus updates

Will I be able to move into University accommodation in time for the start of the year?

Yes, the moving in period will take place between 17-20 September 2020, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a September start date.

You’ll be allocated a moving in date and will then be able to select a time slot via e-induction, which will go live from 17 August 2020 for students that have signed a contract to live in university accommodation. A hotline will be available to deal with any questions around this.

You’ll only be able to bring one person with you to assist on your moving day. You will have a 90 minute slot to unload your belongings.

For family members or friends assisting with the move who do not need to self-isolate, we have two top rated onsite hotels providing accommodation if you would like to stay overnight. or

For postgraduate students starting in October, information regarding arrival will be provided on the University’s accommodation website.

Accommodation Services coronavirus updates

How will social distancing work in accommodation?

Once you move into your new accommodation, you will be classed as one household with your flatmates or housemates and you will not need to social distance from one another, unless you or another person you live with is self-isolating. This means that within your household, you are not required to wear a face covering.

However in shared spaces with people outside your household, including corridors outside your flat and any events where you will be meeting other people, you should practice social distancing.

In line with the latest government guidance, you will be able to socialise indoors and stay overnight with one other household, but you must maintain social distancing. Once you move into new accommodation, for example your student home, that then becomes your ‘household’ for the purposes of social distancing rules.

What will be open at University accommodation sites?

We are planning for all social spaces to be open in line with government guidelines on social distancing and the use of face coverings. Increased cleaning regimes will be in place for these spaces. This includes the free fitness suite within Ranmoor/Endcliffe.

Our Residence Life team will continue to offer a range of activities and events both online and face to face across the academic year.

All our student accommodation is self catered. There will be a kitchen available for you to prepare your own meals. Bars and cafes will be open from the moment arrivals commence - please check the GeniUS website for opening times. The Village Store is open all year, and The Edge bar will be open from mid September along with other outlets across the University.

Is the University able to support me if I need to self-isolate on arrival?

If you are required to self-isolate, we are offering free university accommodation for up to a maximum of 3 weeks prior to your course starting. This only applies if you are then booked to live in University accommodation for the upcoming semester/academic year. You will then start to pay rent from your normal contract start date.

If you are sharing accommodation with someone who has needed to self-isolate, we are planning for them to have already completed their 14 day self-isolation period before arrivals weekend. Therefore there will be no need for you to self-isolate during the arrivals period unless there is a flatmate displaying symptoms.

Please contact the accommodation team if you have a question about your circumstances, so that we can make arrangements to accommodate your requirements.

Applications and admissions - General

My current teaching and assessment have been disrupted by coronavirus. What should I do?

We're aware that education systems in the UK and around the world have been disrupted and we're monitoring the situation. We'll be as flexible as we can where applicants aren't able to meet the conditions of their offers in the way they expected, or at the time they expected.

Many exam boards are intending to award qualifications to applicants even if their coursework has been interrupted or their exams cancelled. Where final grades are awarded by the exam boards, we expect to be able to accept these qualifications and grades.

Exam boards and other agencies are updating us about their plans, so you don’t need to alert us to your circumstances at this stage. We’ll contact you if we need you to do anything.

More information on this question for undergraduate and international applicants is available in the dedicated sections below.

Are you still accepting applications for autumn 2020?

We are still accepting applications for autumn 2020 entry. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update these FAQs as more information becomes available. Our advice is that you check back with us regularly for the University’s latest advice and guidance.

Can I defer my offer to autumn 2021 entry?

We recognise that individual applicant circumstances change, so we may be able to defer your entry until autumn 2021. If you want to request a deferral, you should do so by 30 September 2020 (30 August 2020 for the MBChB Medicine and the BDS Dental Surgery).

Undergraduate applicants can request a deferral by emailing us at

For most postgraduate courses, applicants can request a deferral via their online application. Applicants to postgraduate courses that use our staged admissions process should email us at Applicants to staged admissions courses, and selected courses in Engineering and Economics, should have met any academic conditions, and paid any tuition fee deposit we have requested.

I need my qualifications documents verified by the Admissions Service when I register. What should I do?

As part of the registration process, we ask some new students to bring their original paper certificates/transcripts for verification by the Admission Service. If this applies to you, we’ll let you know.

The Admissions Service are currently working remotely. This means that if you're starting your course over the spring or summer, we won't be able to verify your qualifications when you register. Please don't worry about this. We'll still be able to provisionally register you at the University, and you'll still be able to start your course. We'll let you know when the Admissions Service office reopens and we're able to review your documents, and after that we'll upgrade your registration to fully registered.

Additional information for applicants to undergraduate courses

My exams have been cancelled. How can I meet the conditions of my offer?

Governments in the UK have all cancelled final examinations and assessments for students taking qualifications this year. Governments and awarding bodies are developing guidance on how marks will be awarded to people taking a range of different qualifications used to apply to university, and have confirmed they expect grades to be released over the summer, so that students can progress to higher education as planned. We understand that students may also, if they wish, have an opportunity to sit examinations at the earlier opportunity thereafter. We’ll update our advice with more details as soon as we have them.

You can find more information about the process for A Level students in the latest update from the UK government. We understand that A Level results will be released as scheduled, on Thursday 13 August.

How GCSEs, AS and A Levels will be awarded in summer 2020

Information is also available for students taking the following qualifications:

Access to HE
Cambridge International qualifications
Vocational and technical qualifications

You can also find information on the UCAS pages for each country:

Northern Ireland

At the moment, there's no action you need to take. UCAS have also extended the deadline for Home (UK and EU) students to accept their offers from 5 May to 18 June. More information is available on the UCAS web pages.

Accepting your offer will let us know that you're hoping to join us next academic year, and ensure you get all the latest communications as the situation develops.

If you're an international student, we'll be able to apply the same flexibility where your exams or teaching have been disrupted or cancelled. We're waiting for further information and will update you soon. UCAS also has information that you may find helpful on its information pages.

On 4 May the UK government also released guidance on arrangements for admission to universities in 2020.

I have a Conditional offer to start my undergraduate course in September 2020. If my summer 2020 results don't meet the conditions and I appeal, will I still be able to start this year?

We don’t know the details of the appeals process for results this year, but we would expect exam boards to be mindful of University start dates and to consider appeals quickly.

Where an appeal decision comes through late we’ll be as flexible as we can, and it’s normally possible to start a course a few days late if absolutely necessary. There does come a point where it’s too late to catch up, and in those circumstances it would be in your best interests to defer until September 2021.

I'm studying my qualifications as a private/external student and I don't have predicted grades. How can I meet the conditions of my offer?

For the majority of students in this position, we still expect grades to be awarded.

In England and Wales schools and colleges, as 'assessment centres', have been asked to recommend grades for those independent students with whom they have a relationship, wherever the centre has enough information to do so. If a centre doesn't have enough information to recommend a grade for you, you may be able to transfer to another one. More information is available in the Ofqual press release of 5 May.

Further details are available on the UCAS website: Independent applicants – predicted grades and references

My offer is Conditional on me completing a foundation course or first year at another university. How can I meet the conditions?

If you’ve been awarded an overall grade for the full year of study and this meets the conditions of your offer, we’ll still be able to confirm your place, even if the assessment process has been adjusted in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’ve not received an overall grade, but you’ve passed the year, and the grades you’ve received meet the conditions of your offer, we’ll still consider you for a place. Please send us a copy of your most up-to-date transcript and we’ll provide further advice.

Will my application to the UK Student Loans Company be affected by this situation?

No, UK and EU applicants to courses starting in September 2020 can apply for student finance online as normal. More information is available in this government press release.

Additional information for applicants to postgraduate courses

I want to apply for a postgraduate course, but because of the lockdown I can't obtain a transcript of results for my current degree. What should I do?

To make a decision, we need to know which institution you’re studying at, which modules you’re studying, and what grades you’ve achieved so far, but we'll be able to consider your application with an unofficial record. This might be a copy of an email from your university, or a screengrab of your student record on your university website. If we need a more formal document to confirm your place, we’ll let you know.

Will the revised start date for Postgraduate Taught courses mean a shortened course length?

As the pandemic continues to affect students across the globe, the change to the start date for the majority of our postgraduate taught courses will enable our international students in particular to ensure that they can meet the conditions of their offer and plan their arrival in Sheffield.

The teaching year is structured differently for postgraduate taught students, with final exam boards in the autumn, unlike undergraduate students who have these in the summer. As a result, full use can be made of the summer period, which is commonly used for research projects. This longer teaching year means that, while the start of teaching will be delayed, and there will be some changes to delivery, the course will not be truncated.

My course starts on the 26 October 2020 but this date is not reflected when I try to apply to Student Finance. What should I do?

We have advised Student Finance of the change in start date to 26 October. The Student Loans Company is in the process of updating this. We would encourage you to still apply as soon as possible, using the 28 September 2020 start date, if the 26 October 2020 start date is not yet available. This will ensure your application is processed in good time.

Additional information for international applicants

I have applied, or was about to apply, for a Tier 4 visa to study at the University. What happens now?

New international students who have been issued a Tier 4 visa but who have been unable to travel to the UK to start their course are allowed to undertake distance learning where this is possible. In these cases, our sponsorship of your visa can continue. Academic departments will contact you with guidance on whether and how you'll be able to start your learning remotely.

New international students who haven't yet applied for a visa but are able to commence a course by distance learning don't need to travel to the UK, and therefore don't require sponsorship under Tier 4. If you're due to start at the University in June, July or August, please contact your academic department to discuss whether distance learning will be possible in your case. We'll contact students due to start in autumn with more information when it becomes available.

Please contact the International Student Support Team if you have any questions. You can find more information on the UK government website.

Do I still need to pay my tuition fee deposit?

If you're an International applicant and we asked you to pay a tuition fee deposit in your offer letter, you should still pay by any deadline indicated in the letter. If there's no deadline, you must pay your deposit before we will arrange the CAS number you'll need for your visa. If you’re unable to pay your deposit because of the coronavirus outbreak, please let us know by emailing

You can find more information about tuition fee deposits, including our refunds policy, on our webpages:

Postgraduate taught course tuition fee deposits

We've recently updated the refunds policy to confirm that we'll refund the deposits of applicants who are unable to take up their place for reasons relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

More information about visa arrangements is available on our International Student Support webpages.

What's your tuition fee deposit refund policy?

You can find information about tuition fee deposits, including our refunds policy, on our webpages:

Postgraduate taught course tuition fee deposits

We've recently updated the refunds policy to confirm that we'll refund the deposits of applicants who are unable to take up their place for reasons relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

Will you be holding pre-sessional English language courses online?

As a result of the global coronavirus outbreak we will teach our Summer 2020 Pre-sessional English courses online.

You can join the course from your home country and will not need a visa for the online course if you are studying from your home country.

You do not need UKVI IELTS, but you must have an approved English Language Test.
If you have already applied for our pre-sessional course we will contact you to confirm or cancel your place. You do not need to apply again. You can find more information on our English Language Teaching Centre website.

I'm due to start a degree course in autumn 2020 and will be studying an online pre-sessional English language course in summer 2020. If I defer the start of my degree course until autumn 2021, will I have to complete a new pre-sessional course?

No. If you arrange to defer the start of your degree course until autumn 2021, you can still use your 2020 pre-sessional course, providing:

  1. You fully participate in the pre-sessional course, and pass the online assessments
  2. The degree course you start in autumn 2021 is the same course you were due to start in autumn 2020

How and when do I pay for the pre-sessional English language course?

You must arrange payment before joining or during the first week of your course. If you don't pay by this time, you will not be allowed to continue your studies.

You may pay by:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Western Union bank transfer

We are unable to accept any tuition fee payment in cash.

We can also accept payments from sponsors. Acceptable sponsors include:

  • universities
  • government agencies
  • charitable organisations
  • registered international companies

You'll need to provide a letter confirming your sponsorship before we can issue you with any visa documentation.

If you cancel your place before starting the course we'll refund any fees you have paid in advance, minus any fees or bank charges incurred.

When will I receive my CAS number?

For undergraduate applicants: We will begin arranging CAS numbers from Monday 6 July. The CAS Application task will appear in your Pre-Registration when you have accepted an Unconditional offer of a study place at the University. Please see our CAS application webpages for more information.

For postgraduate applicants: We will begin arranging CAS numbers from Monday 20 July. The CAS Application task will appear in your Pre-Registration when you have accepted an Unconditional offer of a study place at the University, and when you have paid any fee deposit we have requested. Please see our CAS application webpages for more information.

When will I receive my ATAS information?

For applicants to undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses: We'll send you an email with the information you need to apply for ATAS clearance. We started sending these emails in June. If you have recently been made an offer it may take up to a week for you to receive this email. Please see our ATAS webpage for more information.

For applicants to postgraduate research: You can apply to the FCO for ATAS clearance using the information in your ATAS Statement, issued with your offer letter. Please see our ATAS webpage for more information.

How can I register for the University’s online pre-sessional English language course?

As a result of the global coronavirus outbreak we will teach our Summer 2020 pre-sessional English courses online. You can join the course from your home country and will not need a visa for the online course if you are studying from your home country.

Applications for the pre-sessional courses have now closed but if you have further questions about registering for the course you can view our dedicated pre-sessional FAQs here.

Which English language qualifications will you accept?

We accept a wide range of English language qualifications. Full lists are available on our webpages:

English language requirements for undergraduate applicants
English language requirements for postgraduate applicants

We've recently added new qualifications to these lists. From April 2020, we accept the following:

  • TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition
  • NCUK English Language Test
  • LanguageCert International ESOL SELT

From 1 July 2020 we will also accept IELTS Indicator tests in addition to the IELTS Academic and IELTS for UKVI Academic tests.

If you're holding an offer with an IELTS condition, and have completed one of these qualifications and achieved the level required by your course, please email us at so we can review your offer.

Will I need to self-isolate when I arrive in the UK?

Current Government guidance requires all new arrivals to the UK to self isolate for a period of 14 days after arriving in the UK. The government has introduced travel corridor exemptions for some countries and territories. Please keep checking this website for the most up to date information as the list of exemptions is subject to change.

Will there be someone to meet me at the airport when I arrive?

We’ll be running a meet and greet service at Manchester Airport between 13-20 September and 11-25 October. There will be three coaches running between Manchester and Sheffield each day, you’ll be allocated a place depending on arrival details. We'll be opening bookings soon via the University Online Store. Keep checking the Meet and Greet webpage for more information.

Tickets will cost £25 per student and £30 for guests. Face coverings and hand sanitiser will be provided to each student for the journey.

If your flight is arriving at a different airport or outside the times of the meet and greet service period, you have a number of options to travel on to Sheffield. More information can be found at our Travelling to Sheffield webpage.

I'm due to register at the University, or collect my BRP card, how do I do this?

Student registration will be done remotely. New students expecting to register in the coming days should follow instructions given by their academic department or school.

If you are an international student expecting to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the Student Administration Service, this may not be possible during this period.

Please read this web page about your BRP card in the first instance. You can also contact the Student Registration Team if the web page doesn't answer your question. If you have other queries relating to the BRP collection process, for instance you may have returned home before collecting your BRP from the University, please contact International Student Support.


I have been offered a scholarship for 2020 entry. Can I defer it to 2021?

We’re committed to supporting students in these challenging times and want to be sure that those joining us in 2020 are financially supported. Therefore we won't be able to defer scholarship awards to 2021. More scholarships will be available for 2021 entry, but these won’t be confirmed until the autumn.

Open days

Are you still holding open days?

Visit our Explore Sheffield web pages to find the latest information about online open days and everything else you need to know about studying at the University of Sheffield.

Safety on campus

Safety on campus

Your health and safety will always be our top priority. The University has undertaken comprehensive health and safety risk assessments across campus.

The following safety measures will be in place for our staff, students and University community:

  • Sanitisers will be in place at key points across campus.
  • Clear signage around social distancing will be in place across campus.
  • Fewer people will be moving around campus at the same time, minimising cross over in corridors and hallways. One way systems will also be in place.
  • All teaching will follow guidelines around social distancing
  • Face coverings will be required in teaching spaces and we advise you to wear face coverings around campus. You will be provided with two reusable face coverings by the University.
  • Corridor doors will be held open magnetically and automatically close in the event of a fire alarm activation.
  • Touch points and heavily used areas will be prioritised for cleaning throughout the day.
  • Toilets along with other frequently-used facilities will be subject to multiple cleans each day.

The University will continue to closely monitor this and we will adapt our plans to protect the safety and wellbeing of both our students and staff at all times.

Will I have to wear a face covering around campus?

Face coverings will be required in teaching spaces and we advise you to wear face coverings around campus. We will provide you with two reusable face coverings at the start of the semester.

How can I get food if I am self-isolating?

If you’re self-isolating in Ranmoor or Endcliffe accommodation, you can arrange online delivery from the Village Store.

If you’re self-isolating elsewhere you can arrange online delivery from any major supermarket.

Please let us know if you are self isolating so we can support you. There is 24/7 online support available and you can also register with Residence Life for support calls.

Student life

Will I still be able to access University support services?

We will continue to offer an extensive range of student support services online.
These services include:

  • disability support
  • support for obtaining specialist equipment
  • wellbeing advice
  • mental health support and counselling
  • financial advice
  • religious and spiritual support
  • and information services on anything you need to know about studying at Sheffield via our Student Services Information Desk

Our University Health Service is located on campus and offers access to GPs, nurses, mental health specialists and specialist services for students.

What’s open in Sheffield?

Subject to changing guidance, shops, bars and restaurants are open in Sheffield.

Safety measures are in place at establishments to ensure social distancing

For more information about the city, visit the Make Yourself at Home webpage.

How can I travel around Sheffield?

Sheffield is a student friendly city and very easy to get around without a car. 80% of students either walk or cycle to campus and we have dedicated secure cycle storage on campus and at the residences. Most things you might need are accessible by walking or cycling and the city centre is only a short walk from campus.

If you need to use public transport, social distancing will be observed and face coverings are required while travelling. Student bus journeys only cost £1 and the city's modern tram network makes getting from campus to the train station or Meadowhall shopping centre safe and convenient.

Sheffield mentor scheme

First year undergraduate students have the opportunity to be matched with a peer mentor. Our mentors are volunteer second or third year students from the same academic department, they are there to offer support and help ease your transition into University life. They will be able to share their experiences of both the academic and social aspects of University, and help welcome you to the wider student community, encouraging you to get involved and make the most of your time in Sheffield. You can apply for a mentor here.

Travel information

What will happen if restrictions mean I cannot travel to Sheffield?

We know that some students may be unable to travel to Sheffield, due to international travel restrictions, medical reasons or a disability. We are committed to ensuring that you are not excluded or disadvantaged for this reason, and you will not receive a penalty if you cannot attend. You will be able to access our induction activities and all our digital learning online, until you are able to join us later in Semester 1 or at the start of Semester 2. Please contact your academic department to make them aware of your circumstances, so that any necessary adjustments can be considered.

I want to study at Sheffield on exchange in 2020-21, can I still do so?

We're still hoping to begin the 2020-21 academic year in autumn. Exchange partners have been sent details of how to nominate students; if you have been nominated already, you should complete your application as normal. If you would like to change your nomination from the autumn (fall) semester to the spring semester, please contact your home university to make this request.

If your home university does not have an active exchange agreement with the University of Sheffield you can apply as a non-exchange student.