Covid-19 Management Group

From 11 March 2020

As government advice evolves over the coming weeks and months, the University will be taking a proactive approach to ensure staff and students receive the most up to date advice, guidance and support. In support of this, an Incident Management Group has been established, co-chaired by Rob Sykes, Executive Director of Academic Services, and Keith Lilley, Director of Infrastructure. Supporting this Management Group will be five subgroups covering:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Research and innovation
  • Student Support
  • Prospective students
  • Human Resources

These groups will shape the University’s response and how this institutional risk is managed, based on the most current government information. The relevant FAQ sections will be regularly updated to reflect both practical advice emerging from the various groups, but also to flag those issues which we know we still need to plan for. We will also set up a facility whereby colleagues can raise queries for consideration by the groups.

Management Group

  • Co-Chair - Rob Sykes, Academic Services
  • Co-Chair - Keith Lilly, Estates and Facilities Management
  • Bev Gouldsbrough, Health and Safety
  • Richard Yates, Security Services
  • Susan Bridgeford, Chair of Student Support Group
  • Jennie Christmas, Human Resources
  • Bella Abrams, IT Services
  • Deborah McClean, Chair of Research and Innovation Sub Group
  • Ian Wright, Human Resources
  • Joanna Jones, Finance
  • Lisa Woods, Estates and Facilities Management
  • Louise McCarthy, Chair of Prospective Students Sub Group
  • Mary Vincent, Chair of Learning and Teaching Sub Group
  • Rob Gower, Chair of Human Resources Sub Group
  • Steve Thompson and Lindsey Wilson, Corporate Communications
  • Caryn Masters, Accommodation and Commercial Services
  • Professor Chris Newman, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health
  • Jaki Booth, Students' Union
  • Business Continuity support: Derek McKim, Jennie Christmas
  • Optional admin support: Eleanor Moreland, Helena Hopkin
  • PA (meeting co-ordinator): Becky Bancroft
  • Others as necessary

Student Support Group

  • Chair - Susan Bridgeford (plus a co-chair) and reps from all her support sections
  • Plus Library, Accommodation and Commercial Services, Research Services, Sport Sheffield, Internal (Student) Communications, Business Continuity support
  • Corporate Communications representative: Malcolm Roberts
  • Development, Alumni Relations and Events: Wendy Hobson

Human Resources Group

  • Chair: Helen Barlow
  • Human Resources staff, Internal Communications, Business Continuity support
  • Corporate Communications representative: Lindsey Wilson

Learning and Teaching Group

  • Co- Chair - Mary Vincent
  • Co-Chair - Jamie Butler, Deputy Director, Academic Programmes and Student Engagement
  • Jo Ashton (Student Examinations); Daniel Courtney (IT Services); Louise Cowling (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre); Sandra Garrison (IT Services); Farzana Latif (Digital Learning); Alison Little (Library Service); Michelle Nuttall (Faculty Director of Operations, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health); Jo Mallows (Faculty of Social Sciences); Professor Luke Wilson (Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Science); Dr Willy Kitchen (Department of Lifelong Learning); Professor Rachel Horn (Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Engineering); Rebecca Freeman (Faculty of Arts and Humanities); Josie Towl (Academic Programmes and Student Engagement); Stephanie Betts (Student Support Services); Charlie Porter (SU Education Officer)
  • Business Continuity support: Derek McKim
  • Corporate Communications representatives: Somer Finlay, Fran Carr and Melissa McFarlane

Research and Innovation Group

  • Co-Chair - Deborah McClean, Director of Research Services
  • Co-Chair - Professor Lorraine Maltby, Deputy Vice-President (Research and Innovation)
  • Anna Clements (Library); Darren L Rose (Faculty of Science); Professor John Flint (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Social Sciences); Professor Simon Foster (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Science); Professor Nikki Dibben (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Arts and Humanities); Professor George Panoutsos (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Engineering); Professor Wendy Baird (Faculty Director of Research and Innovation, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health); Nathan J Cunningham (Director of Research IT); Fran FE Mason (Faculty Director of Operations, Engineering); Alan W Hart (Director of Biological Services); Kevin Corke (Deputy Faculty Director of Operations, Medicine, Dentistry and Health); Kirsty L Lindley (Head of Grant Support, Research Services); Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre - to join
  • Business Continuity support: Derek McKim
  • Corporate Communications representative: Rebecca Ferguson, Media Relations Officer

Prospective Student and Mitigation Group

  • Co-Chairs - Dan Barcroft and Louise MCarthy
  • Dan Barcroft (Co-Chair), Louise McCarthy (Co-Chair), Jo Bower (Secretary), Elisabeth Whiting (Insight - Student Recruitment and Admissions), Liz Carlile (Admissions - Student Recruitment and Admissions), Sarah Bramall (Applicant Comms - Student Recruitment and Admissions), Richard Simpson (English Language Teaching Centre), Miriam Brown (Global Engagement), Rachel Miller (Social Science), Simon Jones (Science), Jill Molyneux (Arts and Humanities), Matt Burton (Medicine, Dentistry and Health), Dan Courtney (IT Services), Vicky Jackson (Finance), Tom Chapman (Planning)
  • Corporate Communications representative: Claire Hamilton