Accommodation guidance

Guidance for students who are unable to return to their University accommodation


University accommodation

Any students who are still unable to use their University owned or managed accommodation following the government's latest guidance will not be charged rent until 12 April 2021 at the earliest.

The accommodation office will be in touch on, or before, 8 March to advise you on the process for this.

Students on courses that the government has identified as being able to continue with in-person teaching, who therefore need to use their University accommodation to attend their teaching, will be charged rent, as per their contract.

If you need to return, or have returned, to your University accommodation, you will be charged rent as per your contract.

Should you need to return, follow the guidelines on returning to University. Additionally, you must notify the Accommodation Office as they need to be made aware of your return to campus.

Further details for students living in University accommodation

Private accommodation

If you’re living in private accommodation, some of the larger student housing providers in Sheffield (for example Unite Students and Student Roost) are now also offering rent refunds or reductions. While we continue to work with our Students’ Union to support their lobbying on this issue, there is unfortunately no government guidance or legislation currently requiring accommodation providers to offer reductions or refunds in rent.

We strongly encourage you to contact your accommodation provider as soon as possible to find out whether this is something they are offering, what the eligibility criteria are and to ensure you make your application on time. 

Further guidance for students living in private accommodation

Support – get in touch

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