Overseas study and work placements

We are supporting students with essential overseas study and placements.


Studying or working overseas

If you’re currently studying or working abroad, follow the advice and guidance of your host organisation and keep up to date with national guidance in your host country.

If you have any questions, please contact your academic department. Your departmental tutor will be able to assist you with queries you may have which relate to academic matters and the impact on your time abroad. Alternatively, email our Global Opportunities team: globalopps@sheffield.ac.uk

Study abroad 2021-22

We're committed to supporting as many of our students as possible to gain global experience by studying and working abroad in 2021-22. We continue to monitor the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, working alongside government guidance and prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our students in our policy and decision making. 

We will support study and work abroad plans, where it is practical and safe to travel. Please read through the guidance below carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the member of staff in your department who is responsible for your period abroad. 

Study/work abroad starting in semester one

Study or work placements abroad in semester one are permitted where the destination is on the UK government’s green or amber lists. We are unable to support study/work abroad placements in red list countries for semester one. These lists are regularly reviewed. You can check the latest government guidance on red, amber and green list rules for entering England.

We recommend that you familiarise youself with any Covid-19 restrictions in your study/work destination and consider the impact these may have on your ability to travel and engage in activities during your time abroad. We advise that you allow for as much flexibility as possible when making any financial commitments to travel or accommodation.

You must also

  • complete a risk assessment and ensure this is reviewed and signed by the academic member of staff in your department/school/faculty who is responsible for your period abroad
  • obtain adequate insurance cover (see below).

Travel insurance

You will be covered through the University’s travel insurance policy during your time abroad. However, the insurers will not currently provide cover for cancellation or curtailment of travel, quarantine or vaccination costs as a direct or indirect result of Covid-19.

If study/work abroad is a mandatory part of your degree, the University will underwrite these exemptions. If your period abroad is not a mandatory part of your degree (as per the programme regulations), the University will not underwrite these exemptions. However, if you face financial hardship due to unforeseen costs you may be able to apply for financial support from the University's hardship fund.

All students who need to submit a claim for costs incurred during the period abroad, as a direct or indirect result of Covid-19, should contact insurance@sheffield.ac.uk in the first instance.

Changes to destination travel status

If the category of your planned study or work destination changes (for example from amber to red) before or during your period abroad, you should contact your academic department to discuss the best course of action. If, as a result, the trip needs to be changed or curtailed, the University underwrite or financial support will apply as above.

If your travel plans are for semester two to a destination currently on the red list, please do not make any plans for travel. Any financial commitments made to travel to red list countries will not be covered by the University’s travel insurance. We'lll review guidance on an ongoing basis and contact you during semester one to discuss your options.

Work placement cancelled or changed

If you were due to begin a work placement abroad and your placement arrangements change, for example your start date is delayed, your placement duration is shortened or you will be working remotely rather than on-site, please notify your departmental placement contact. If you submitted your placement details on Career Connect, please also notify us: placements@sheffield.ac.uk

If your Year in Industry/with work experience placement has been cancelled, please notify your departmental placement contact and, if you submitted your placement details on Career Connect, please also notify us: placements@sheffield.ac.uk 

If you do not find an alternative before the start of the next academic year, you will simply transfer onto a programme without a Year in Industry/year with employment experience and will return to your studies to undertake your next year of formal education.

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