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Our offices are at Firth Court, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN. Please ask for us at the porters' lodge.

Director of Corporate Communications & External Relations Tracy Wray
Deputy Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing Carrie Vernon
Department Support
Department Support Manager Jayne Winter
Department Support Coordinator (job share) Angela Harvey-Watson
Department Support Coordinator (job share) Hannah Norris
Department Support Assistant Zara Smith
Media and External Relations
Head of Media and PR (maternity leave) Annie Goss
Senior Media Relations Manager Shemina Davis
Media and PR Officer Amy Huxtable
Media and PR Officer Rebecca Ferguson
Media and PR Officer Sean Barton
Media and PR Assistant Emma Griffiths
External Relations
Head of External Relations Neal Smith
Public Affairs Manager Hannah Postles
Sustainability & Communications Manager James Merryclough
Sustainability Coordinator Johann Beckford
External Relations Officer Phoebe Plomer
Corporate Marketing and Digital
Head of Corporate Marketing and Digital Steve Thompson
Corporate Marketing
Marketing Manager Dave Stanley
Marketing Manager Tom Roper
Marketing Support Assistant Georgina Blues
Senior Marketing Executive Laura Bush
Content and Channels Strategist Andrew Twist
Digital Content Manager Robin Byles
Web Developer Mark Bothamley
Digital Content Producer Heidi Gilchrist
Digital Content Editor Rhys Bethell
Digital Content Editor Helen Browne
CPanel and Intranet Projects
Content Migration Manager James Harding
Senior Digital Content Editor (intranet) Victoria Bailey
Senior Digital Content Editor (intranet) Catherine Stanford
Digital Content Editor (intranet) Steven Goodrich
Digital Content Assistant (intranet) Danyal Mirza
Digital Content Editor (cPanel) Milan Olivier
Digital Content Assistant (cPanel) Vacant
Research Marketing
Marketing and Communications Manager Katie Johnson
Marketing and Communications Officer Vacant
Marketing and Communications Officer Josephine Hercberg
Research Communications Coordinator Vacant
Social Media
Social Media Manager Rob Barker
Social and Digital Media Officer Harry Clulow
Social Media Assistant Muna Ali
Internal Communications
Head of Internal Communications Lindsey Wilson
Internal Communications Manager (job share) Somer Finlay
Internal Communications Manager (job share) Franziska Carr
Corporate Communications Officer Melissa Mcfarlane
Communications Assistant Sophie Murphy
Student Communications
Head of Student Communications Malcolm Roberts
Content Production
Digital Media Designer Matt Exton
Digital Content Production Assistant Hannah Ellis
Visual Designer Ella Marke
Digital Media Designer Kieran Bentley
Student Communications
Student Communications Coordinator Bobby Futter
Student Communications Assistant Josh Oxley
Head of Events Wendy Hobson
Senior Events Manager Polly Wilson
Events Manager Natalie Billau
Events Officer (on maternity leave) Nancy Hughes
Events Assistant Gail Street
Events Assistant Jeanette Peat
Events Assistant Andy Gregg
Events Support Assistant Rachel Measures
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