@shefunilife - University of Sheffield 24/7

If we're the sum of our parts then we truly are amazing

We want to shine a light on the best asset of our University: the people. We're not afraid to admit it, without the wonderful people that work and study here, our University would be nothing to write home about. In fact without the generous citizens of Sheffield, we wouldn't even exist.

@shefunilife is a Twitter project that highlights and showcases the fantastic, hard-working, friendly, down-to-earth, funny and inspiring citizens of our University week-by-week. Each week a new person will take control of the account and will tweet about their life at the University. If you're interested in finding out more about the person, just tweet them a question!

Get a unique and amazing insight into the lives of the people at the heart of the University over a full University year, celebrating the highs and contemplating the lows.

@ShefUniLife portrait. Become a star of the University

Who's eligible to be a voice of @shefunilife?

Anyone and everyone connected to the University: current students, alumni, staff. If you want to nominate yourself or a friend, please submit your application here.

What should you talk about?

Anything that relates to your experience of life in Sheffield and at the University. We won't censor you, although there are general guidelines that we'll brief you on if you take part.