Centre for Psychological Services Research

Mission statement

The Centre's mission statement is "to provide a national and international lead in research improving the development and delivery of psychological services for the benefit of people´s well being"

The Vision

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The Centre for Psychological Services Research is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University's School of Health & Related Research (ScHARR) and Department of Psychology. The Centre is headed by Professor Michael Barkham together with an executive team comprising Professors John Brazier (ScHARR), Gillian Hardy (Clinical Psychology Unit) and Glenys Parry (ScHARR).

The aim of the Centre is to improve decision-making, quality, and outcomes of services providing psychological treatment to people who have mental or physical health problems. It achieves this aim by establishing interdisciplinary and collaborative research activity via a range of research programmes operating at local, national, and international levels. Its name reflects the unique positioning of psychological services research (PSR), which combines the techniques and disciplines of health services research, including health economics, together with those of psychological research.

Hallmarks of the new Centre are its espousal of equipoise in researching the diversity of psychological therapies, commitment to translational research, collaboration with practitioners and service users, and openness to the full array of research and statistical methods.

A CPSR Board oversees the national and international strategy and includes the Department of Psychology head (currently Professor Paul Overton), head of Health Services Research section (currently Professor Alicia O’Cathain), Jo Hemmingfield (User with lived experience), Dr Tom Ricketts (NHS & ScHARR), and Dr Stephen Kellett (NHS & Clinical Psychology). Abby Constantine provides administrative support to CPSR.

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Psychological Services Research combines the techniques and disciplines of Health Services Research and psychological research, with the aim of improving decision-making, quality and outcomes of services treating psychological problems. It draws on a range of methods including pragmatic randomised trials, whole system evaluation, detailed process analysis and health economic modelling.

We have a particular interest in linking findings on therapy process, efficacy and cost-effectiveness, for example, through building and analyzing very large naturalistic data sets derived from UK service settings; comparing these with large international data sets on costs and outcomes; benchmarking outcomes against data from controlled clinical trials and understanding these services in the wider context of public mental health and well being.

The Centre had its official launch on 9th November 2007.

The launch of the CPSR


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