Staff: Disciplines and Expertise

A body of staff from the Clinical Psychology Unit, ScHARR, and the NHS are allied to CPSR, representing a diversity of disciplines/expertise.

Executive Team:

  • Prof Michael Barkham (clinical psychology/practice-based evidence)
  • Prof John Brazier (health economics/preference-based measures)
  • Prof Gillian Hardy (clinical & occupational psychology/change processes)
  • Prof Glenys Parry (clinical psychology/psychological therapies policy research)

Affiliated academics & practitioners:

  • Rosemary Barber (consumer involvement)
  • Janice Connell (service evaluation)
  • Dr Cindy Cooper (trials co-ordinator)
  • Dr Kim Dent-Brown (dramatherapy/project management)
  • Dr Caroline Dryden (social psychology)
  • Dr Daniel Hind (health technology assessments)
  • Dr Claire Isaac (neuropsychology)
  • Dr Eva Kaltenthaler (health technology assessments)
  • Dr Steve Kellett (clinical psychology/single case experiments)
  • Dr Jo Rick (occupational psychology)
  • Dr Tom Ricketts (mental health nursing/NHS management)
  • Dave Saxon (health services research/data management)
  • Prof Pauline Slade (clinical & health psychology)
  • Dr Paul Sutcliffe (developmental psychology/health technology assessments)
  • Prof Graham Turpin (clinical psychology/national workforce issues for psychological therapies)


  • Dr Katherine Berry (psychosis)
  • Paul Bissell (sociology/public health)
  • Alan Brennan (decision & health economic modelling)
  • Chris Blackmore (counselling/psychotherapy)
  • Prof Mike Campbell (statistics)
  • Dr Jason Davies (personality disorders)
  • Dr Jan Hughes (clinical supervision)
  • Dr Zaffer Iqbal (psychosis)
  • Dr Petra Meier (public health)
  • Dr Georgina Rowse (clinical psychology)
  • Dr Andrew Thompson (adjustment for visible differences)

In addition, the Centre has strong links with national and international collaborators:

Visiting Fellows and Professors:

  • Prof Louis Castonguay (Penn State)
  • Prof Robert Elliott (Strathclyde)
  • Prof Michael Lambert (Brigham Young)
  • Prof Chris Leach (Huddersfield)
  • Prof Wolfgang Lutz (Trier)
  • John Mellor-Clark (CORE IMS)
  • Prof William B Stiles (Miami)
  • Prof Bruce Wampold (Madison)
  • Dr Birgit Watzke (Hamburg)