Selected publications: 2015

Psychological therapies and evidence

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Practice-based and service research

Lucock, M., Halstead, J., Leach, C., Barkham, M., Tucker, S., Randall, C., Lloyd, J., Khan, W., Catlow, H., Waters, E., & Saxon, D. (2015). A mixed method investigation of patient monitoring and feedback in routine practice: Barriers and facilitators. Psychotherapy Research, 25, 633-646.

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Improving practice

Barkham, M., Mellor-Clark, J., & Stiles, W.B. (2015). A CORE approach to progress monitoring and feedback: Enhancing evidence and improving practice. Psychotherapy, 52, 402-411.

Therapist effects

Firth, N., Barkham, M., Kellett, S., & Saxon, D. (2015). Therapist effects and factors influencing outcomes of intervention with IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 69, 54-62.

Measures & measurements

Twigg, E., Cooper, M., Evans, C., Friere, E., Mellor-Clark, J., McInnis, B., & Barkham, M. (2015). Acceptability, reliability, referential distributions, and sensitivity to change of the YP-CORE outcome measure: Replication and refinement. Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Published online.