27 November 2021

Release of Professor Don Webber's new book: How to Enhance Your Research

How to Enhance Your Research: 100 Practical Tips for Academics was published in November 2021 by Edward Elgar.

An image of an open printed book with a pen laid on it. Also on the table is a notebook with notes written into it.

Professor Don Webber from Sheffield University Management School has written a new book called How To Enhance Your Research: 100 Practical Tips for Academics.

The book offers an accessible, comprehensive and groundbreaking insight into how academics can enhance their research practices. Webber emphases how working in a mutually supportive and constructively critical atmosphere benefits all researchers and, importantly, he details how this can be achieved. It is available for purchase online.

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Research Excellence Framework 2021 results

The results demonstrate our research and impact excellence across a broad range of disciplines and confirm that our research is having a significant positive impact on lives across the globe.