Attracting and sustaining the screen industry workforce in Yorkshire and the Humber

What attracts and sustains the screen industry workforce in Yorkshire and the Humber?

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Project overview

Building on our AHRC project ('Bristol and Bath by Design'), this research project seeks to improve development intelligence of creative businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber by advancing knowledge of the screen industry workforce. This group of workers are known to be potentially highly mobile, but the reasons for this mobility are unclear. It is also unclear what policies could be used effectively to attract more and retain current screen industry workers within the region to increase resilience and sustain the industry. Specifically, the aim of this research is to gain a better understanding of the factors that i) attract screen workers, ii) retain screen workers, and iii) discourage screen workers from working in the area.

Funding details

Funder Dates Value
XR Stories 2022-2023 £37,392

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