Our people


CREED Academics and its Research Associates are key experts in their fields and part of the vibrant research community based at Sheffield University Management School, a leading department in the UK for management research.


Name Email
Vania Sena v.sena@sheffield.ac.uk

Academic CREED members

Name Email
Ali Samei a.samei@sheffield.ac.uk
Anthony Glass a.j.glass@sheffield.ac.uk
Abbi Kedir a.m.kedir@sheffield.ac.uk
Chay Brooks c.brooks@sheffield.ac.uk
David Littlewood david.littlewood@sheffield.ac.uk
Don Webber d.j.webber@sheffield.ac.uk

CREED PhD students

Name Email
Abdullah AM AlGhizzi aaalghizzi1@sheffield.ac.uk
Sara Ballero sballero1@sheffield.ac.uk
Laura Bennett LIBennett1@sheffield.ac.uk
Zusej Dayoiri Fernandez Garcia zfernandezgarcia1@sheffield.ac.uk
Dian Mayasari demayasari1@sheffield.ac.uk
Kate Penney KLPenney1@sheffield.ac.uk
Linda Tahiri Rukiqi mgp12mt@sheffield.ac.uk
Zara Seini zseini1@sheffield.ac.uk
Edward Walker eawalker1@sheffield.ac.uk