Meet the team behind the Crick Centre

Kate Dommett Against The Wall

Dr Kate Dommett

Centre Director

Kate is Senior Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics and is currently serving as Special Advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies. Her research focuses on digital campaigning, political parties, public perceptions and democratic politics. At present, this includes research on online political advertising, data-driven campaigning and transparency. Kate has published extensively on these topics and has a forthcoming book What do we want from Politics: The Re-Imagined Party which examines how political parties are viewed. Her work has been featured widely in the media including on Radio 4's Today Programme, Radio 5 Live and BBC News.


Nikki Soo Against Wall with Leaves

Dr Nikki Soo

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Nikki’s research focuses on how digital tools are integrated in politics, media, and society. Her doctoral research examined how contemporary constituency service and representation, including integration of digital tools with traditional communication methods, is carried out. She has recently worked on a ESRC-funded project led by Dr Marta Cantijoch (University of Manchester) in collaboration with the BBC on political knowledge gaps and audience news consumption.


Professor Matt Flinders Against Greenery

Professor Matt Flinders

Founding Director

Matt is on the ESRC Council and is currently working on three main projects: 1. Designing for Democracy - an analysis of the Restoration and Renewal Programme for the Palace of Westminster; (2) The Political Imagination - an evidence-based reflection on the changing nature of the social and political sciences; and (3) The Psychology of Politicians - an inter-disciplinary study of how professional politicians cope with various stressors.


Alexandra Anderson Against A Wall

Dr Alexandra Anderson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Alexandra’s research is currently focuses on two projects: (1) Designing for Democracy – an analysis of the Restoration and Renewal Programme for the Palace of Westminster; (2) Fit for the Future – a project that examines current and future research development and leadership in the social sciences. Her doctoral research focused on eighteenth-century French and British historiography, and historians' engagement with a broader audience and public through the inflection of cultural and political norms.


James Weinberg With Flowers

Dr James Weinberg

Lecturer in Political Behaviour

James is a Lecturer in Political Behaviour with research interests in the fields of political psychology and youth politics. James is currently a convenor of both the Political Psychology and Young People’s Politics specialist groups at the UK Political Studies Association, and he convenes a Political Literacy Oversight Group for an All-Party Parliamentary Group. James has just received a three-year Leverhulme Fellowship to investigate how politicians govern in an age of distrust. His research on topics such as citizenship education in England and the personalities of politicians has been published in leading journals such as the British Educational Research Journal, the Journal of Education Policy and Parliamentary Affairs. James has a forthcoming book with Bristol University Press entitled Who Enters Politics and Why?


Matthew Wood Against Greenery

Dr Matt Wood

Lecturer in Politics

Matt is a lecturer in the Department of Politics and IR, and Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching, working on governance and public policy. He's currently working on an ESRC project about Brexit, health governance and legitimacy. He's also working with Sheffield Urban Institute on a project focused on improving how cities govern air pollution.


PhD Students

Indra With Red Hair Against Greenery

Indra Mangule

Crick PhD Student

Indra is currently pursuing a PhD in Mainstreaming Deliberative Mechanisms using a civic republican theoretical approach. Her thesis seeks to establish an analytical framework for evaluating deliberative mechanisms of participation and uses a deliberative republican approach to democratic theory as its core framing doctrine. Prior to joining the Crick Centre, Indra worked as a policy analyst at Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, in Riga, Latvia. She holds a degree in Politics and Philosophy from University of Glasgow and a MSc in Democracy and Democratisation from University College London.

Alexandra Meakin Against Brick Wall

Alexandra Meakin

Crick PhD Student

Alexandra Meakin is a Research Associate in the Crick Centre. She is undertaking a PhD in the Department of Politics, examining parliamentary governance and the politics of the Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster. She previously spent over a decade working for MPs and for House of Commons Select Committees.