Our Facilities

Over £1m has been spent on our laboratories and equipment to deliver state-of-the-art resources to support a number of key facilities & projects;

Stem Cell Derivation Facility (SCDF)

The SCDF is a state-of-the-art clean room facility that was used to derive and store of total of 13 clinical grade stem cell lines for future clinical therapies.

Our MasterShef cell series of clinical grade stem cell lines are available for use through the UK Stem Cell Bank, please visit their website or contact us for more information.

The facility is approved and licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and Human Tissue Authority (HTA) with all procedures fully validated and audited.

The suite consists of a consumable preparation room, changing rooms, cell culture processing and cryopreservation laboratories.

A facility monitoring system electronically monitors all major equipment and processes.


For more information about the SCDF, please contact us.

The Flow Cytometry Suite

The Centre has comprehensive equipment and expertise for flow cytometric analysis.

We are also equipped with a BDFACSJazz cell sorter system, which offers intuitive alignment, real-time video monitoring, Accudrop technology, and BD FACS™ Sortware sorter software, which all provide comprehensive control during acquisition, sorting, and analysis.

We have a Beckman Coulter MoFlo high speed cell sorter, fitted with two tuneable Argon ion and a 635nm laser capable of analysing 11 or more parameters simultaneous on any given cell.

For routine cell analysis we have a Cyan ADP with 488nm and 653nm laser lines allowing rapid analysis of 7 colours and two light scatter determinants on any given cell. Antibody markers for stem cells are generated and purified and conjugated in our antibody preparation laboratory.


For further information about The Flow Cytometry Suite, please contact us.