CSIC brings together all the composites researchers from the university into one centre. Primarily we are made up of people from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Academic Staff

Name Role(s) Telephone Email
Prof Patrick Fairclough


Bio-sourced / Renewable Materials Research Coordinator

(0114) 222 7798
Dr Simon Hayes SMART Materials Research Coordinator (0114) 222 5516
Dr Joel Foreman Multiscale Modelling Research Coordinator (0114) 222 5920
Dr James Meredith Applied Composites Research Coordinator (0114) 222 7809
Dr Patrick Smith Applied Inkjet Research Coordinator (0114) 222 7738
Dr Biqiong Chen Nanocomposites Research Coordinator (0114) 222 5958
Dr Rachel Tomlinson Fracture and Failure Mechanics Coordinator (0114) 222 7757
Dr Christophe Pinna Mechanics of Materials Research Coordinator (0114) 222 7831
Dr Jose Curiel Sosa Computational Mechanics Research Coordinator (0114) 222 7857
Prof Frank Jones (Emeritus) Interfaces and Interphases Research Coordinator -
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Research Staff

Name Role Email
Dr Christine Fernyhough PDRA (Block Copolymers)
Dr Jonathan Stringer PDRA (Inkjet Printing)
Dr Andrew Gill KTP Associate (CPD)
Dr Zhiwei Ma KTP Associate (Laminar Medica)
Dr Geoff Foulds KTP Associate (NetComposites)
Dr Ghayth Abed KTP Associate (Arnold Magnetic Technologies)
Dr Stephen Jones KTP Associate (Cytec)
Mr Saravanan Rajendran KTP Associate (Laminates)
Mr Sam Swinbourne KTP Associate (Pipeline Engineering)
Mrs Tala Abbasian Research Associate
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Technical Staff

Name Role Email
Dr Austin Lafferty Teaching Technician
Mr Michael Jackson Workshop Technician
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Research Students

Name Role Email
Mr Peter Wilson PhD Candidate ()
Mr Elliot Fleet PhD Candidate (Self-healing polymer composites)
Mrs An Van Ho PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
Mr Yu Shi PhD Candidate (Hybrid Composites)
Mr Mulyadi Mulyadi PhD Candidate (Impact of Hybrid Composites)
Mr Ioannis Ioannou PhD Candidate (Recycled Polymer Composites)
Mr Alon Ratner PhD Candidate (New Generation of Wire Ropes)
Mr Supachai Fakpiam PhD Candidate (Fatigue of Self-Healing composites)
Mr Diyar Kaka PhD Candidate (Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Multiscale Composites)
Mr Khaled Giasin PhD Candidate (Machining Fibre Metal Laminates)
Mr Nithiananthan Kuppusamy PhD Candidate (Digital Image Correlation)
Mr Teddy Mbwadzawo PhD Candidate ()
Mrs Yi Zhang PhD Candidate ()
Mr Martin Frydrych PhD Candidate (Nanocomposite foams/scaffolds)
Mr Richard Justin PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites for drug delivery)
Mr Yongzhe Piao PhD Candidate (Nanocomposite hydrogels)
Mr Xing Su PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
Mr Carlos Favela-Gallegos PhD Candidate (Lifetime Prediction Modelling)
Mr Andrew Cartledge PhD Candidate ()
Miss Amy Walsh PhD Candidate ()
Mr Antonino Bianco PhD Candidate ()
Mr Mark Latham PhD Candidate ()
Mr Obed Solis Gonzales PhD Candidate (Mechanical Properties of Polymersomes)
Mr Thomas Sydney PhD Candidate ()
Mr Ryan Seabright PhD Candidate ()
Miss Yahui Wen PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
Mr Xiangshuai Geng PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
Mr Zaid Mohammadsalih PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
Mr Ehssan Al-Bermany PhD Candidate (Nanocomposites)
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Recent PhD Graduates. Congratulations!

Name Project
Dr Austin Lafferty Carbon nanotube foams
Dr Richard Grainger SMART aerospace composites
Dr Jack Howarth Recycled carbon fibres
Dr Stephen Jones Digital Image Correlation
Dr Sofia Pavlopoulou Aerospace structures
Dr Zurina Shamsudin Glass ceramic fibre composites
Dr Galal Mohammed Blast resistance of metal fibre laminates
Dr Akin Atas Failure of bolted joints
Dr Abdul Rauf Optical self-sensing
Dr Aidah Jumahat Nanocomposites
Dr Penshom Photjanataree Plasma polymerisation
Dr Mohd Suzeren Bin Md Jamil Self-monitoring composites
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