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CWiPP Keynote Lectures

2017: Health, Well-being and Preferences

2017: The Narrative Trap

2014: Age, well-being and inequality

2013: Life in the UK 2012 (Measuring national well-being, ONS)


Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England

Pseudo Panel Analysis

 The British Household Panel Survey and Understanding Society

The Millennium Cohort Study

Introduction to the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) dataset

Quantitative Analyses of Growing Up in Poverty

Workshop on Well-being and the Environment

Workshop on Climate Change

Urban Green Space: Improving health and well-being through the life course

Other events

Politics of Well-being (ESRC Seminar Series)

Measuring National Well-being

CWiPP is interested in pursuing research in these areas and hosting further workshops. Please contact us at