Research in the Centre draws on a wide variety of disciplines within the University of Sheffield. Throughout its activities, the Centre aims to combine theoretical development with policy relevance. It is fully committed to building its research portfolio, and becoming a leading international research centre in a major UK university.


CWiPP provides a unique opportunity to bring together a wide range of disciplines concerned with this field. This has resulted in a number of substantive outputs. These include:

  • The work of the ESRC funded workshop on valuing the intangible costs of crime that involved members from ScHARR, economics, psychology and criminology.
  • Occasional workshops around specific topics – including analysing the BHPS data and developing a core set of well-being questions for primary research.
  • Numerous research grants from government agencies and research councils including examining the social value of a QALY, two Defra projects, a Welsh Assembly grant, an EPSRC studentship and a recent MRC grant.