University Cycle Forum - working for cyclists

We look forward to making 2018 a great cycling year for all Students and Staff!

Meetings are generally  upstream of Transport Policy Groups, so we can raise any issues that come up and we have occasional informal coffee meets.  

Cycle Forum

New to Sheffield and looking for bike routes? Check out Sheffield Cycle Routes!

The University Cycle Forum gives an opportunity for staff and students to have an input into the continuing development of the University Transport Policy, and influence the setting of priorities for expenditure on cycling issues from Transport Policy income. The Group is represented on the City Cycle Forum and therefore has direct input into the decision making process on cycling issues at a city-wide level.

The university is pleased to promote cycling as a sustainable alternative to the use of the private car.

We offer free cycle training to staff, and students can take advantage of free cycle training offered by Sheffield City Council. Even if you've cycled regularly in other parts of the country, you may find that Sheffield with its hills is quite different to cycle in, and a training session will get off to a good start!

To keep up to date with cycling news, events and issues around the campus, in the city and beyond, have a look at our Google Site.

We also have a Discussion Group  - click here to join.