Top Tips for bike security

Keep your bike safe and secure!

Here are our Top Tips for bike security.

Buy as an expensive a lock as you can afford - at least 10% of the value of the bike. No lock will absolutely guarantee that your bike won't get stolen, but getting through it will take longer and the thief may decide to move on and look for easier pickings.

Leave your bike in a public place where is lots of passing footfall - this may deter some thieves.

Use the blue bike lockers scattered around the university - these are outside the Interval bar,in the Hicks building and down at Mappin. They are first come first served and you need your own lock - make sure you have one that fits."Reserving" one by leaving your lock on is not allowed.

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You might like to consider fitting a tagging device like this one:-

immobitag bike security

Bikeshd shows pictures of bikes for sale across the UK with links to their for sale listings. It's great if you want to scan quickly to recognise a stolen bike.