Lewin Computer Room

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 09:00-17:30

The Lewin Computer Room is available to book for seminars and events for staff and students in the Department of Computer Science.

Room bookings

Students should contact the reception team: dcs@sheffield.ac.uk

Staff can book The Lewin through Google Calendar

Anyone who is not part of the Department should contact Andy Lessiter: a.lessiter@sheffield.ac.uk

The room has four main layouts

  1. Lecture style 
    • Ideal for seminars and presentations
    • Capacity 85
  2. Classroom style 
    • Ideal for lectures
    • Capacity 42
  3. Meeting room style 
    • Ideal for meetings/group sessions/focus groups.
    • Capacity 36 (excluding static tables)
  4. Static tables
    • Ideal for group sessions/focus groups.
    • Capacity 30

The room can also be set up for events. Tables and chairs are moved to the edge of the room.

Catering is allowed for events as long as they are ordered from University approved vendors. Please speak to the reception team for more information on this.

If you wish to book the space after 17:30 you will need to arrange for Portering services to keep the space open.

The Laptop loan system

A laptop loan system is in place which allows the space to be used flexibly so that the main area can be configured for group work, lecture classes or social events.