Whether you’re a school looking to visit the Department of Computer Science, an organisation who’d like a computer science presence at your event, or a prospective student wanting to get to know the department a little better, we have a varied selection of outreach activities that you can be involved in.

A blue and a red robot looking at camera

Schools, colleges and sixth forms

We have previously run several programming workshops for pre-university level students. These include programming with:

Lego Robots -- Using Java and Object-Oriented programming
NAO Robots -- Human-like interactive robots with an easy to use programming interface
MiRO Robots -- Engaging animal-like robots that can be programmed with Python or a visual-programming language (Google Blockly)


Our Outreach staff and students are happy to attend external Outreach & STEM events. The Department of Computer Science have run activities and stands at events such as TeenTech, Sheffield Digifest, exploring STEM for girls, Sheffield Engineering Imagination Day, etc.

Are you prospective student interested in studying Computer Science?                       

Come and visit us on one of our pre-application open days, or take part in a computer science summer school.

If you have any more questions, or you wish to organise a visit or event, please contact us and we can further discuss themes and details of your visit.