Dr Paul Richmond engages with the Transport Systems Catapult

Dr Paul Richmond one of the newly appointed Vice Chancellors Research Fellows has been named as an academic manager on the Transport Innovation Centre Sheffield TICS which is part funded (65k per year for three years) by the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) long term academic engagement program

Transport Systems Catapult CEO Steve Yianni speaks at the first ever event in the ‘Imovation Centre’

Dr Richmond is one of two academic managers (alongside Dr Jonathan Paragreen of Mechanical Engineering) who will work under the direction of Professor David Lerner (FDRI) with input from a strategic board of academics including Professor Mike Holcombe, Professor Fabio Ciravegna, Professor John Derrick and Professor Neil Lawrence from the Department of Computer Science. The TSC has awarded £1 million over the next three years to support activities at 14 universities, organised into 8 national hubs. The University Partner Programme is intended to promote collaboration with business and focus on the development of products and solutions in the field of Intelligent Mobility – an emerging global market estimated to be worth £900bn per year by 2025.

The TSC has a new multi million pound ‘Imovation centre’, the name combines intelligent mobility with innovation. Located in Milton Keynes and spread across an area of 36,000 square feet the centre encompasses demonstration and visualisation studios, development labs, presentation areas and workspaces. The Imovation centre offers a world-class collaboration space for innovators, entrepreneurs, research organisations and businesses using the latest technological developments to improve the transportation of people and goods. Dr Richmond has already been working closely with the catapult to install a technology showcase demonstration which highlights his work on using computer graphics cards to accelerate complex systems simulations. The demonstration features an interactive simulation and visualisation of a large scale pedestrian crowd within Canary Wharf displayed in the Imovation Centre’s video wall. The TSC will also be supporting a PhD position currently advertised by the Computer Science Department looking at micro-simulation of transport systems using graphics card technology.