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SheffieldThe Department of Computer Science has welcomed students from Nigeria for many years. Popular degree choices are, at undergraduate level, our BEng Software Engineering, and at postgraduate taught level, our MSc (Eng) Advanced Software Engineering. You will find a warm and welcoming community of students and staff from all around the world, no matter which degree you study.

Local information

Sheffield is situated in the centre of the UK, approximately an hour by regular train connection from Manchester Airport, which has easy connections to Lagos. Additionally, London is two hours away by train. Direct flights to Lagos are available from London Heathrow.

Sheffield is a vibrant city which welcomes students from all cultures. There are places of worship for people of all faiths, West African food, including halal, is easily available, and various cultural festivals are celebrated both by students at the University and the city.

Why study computer science in Sheffield?

Peak DistrictOur Department has links with the University of Sheffield International College (USIC). USIC offers science and engineering foundation courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. An applicant registering to study at USIC is guaranteed a place on one of our courses, provided they take the correct modules and meet the required progression criteria. For more information on USIC, and to find out whether entry via this route is appropriate for you, you can visit their website.

The University of Sheffield is a founding owner university of the Northern Consortium (NCUK). Since the NCUK was established, over 20 years ago, more than 1300 NCUK students have progressed to the University of Sheffield, with many choosing to study in our Department. As an NCUK student choosing to study in Sheffield you may be eligible for additional financial support via our NCUK Scholarship scheme.

Our degrees are accredited by the British Computer Society. Employers recognise that a degree from Sheffield is a mark of quality. Recent Nigerian graduates of our Department have gone on to work for Astro, IBM, Shell and Intralink.


The University offers a range of scholarships to Nigerian students.

Find out more about these opportunities.

There are also a number of NCUK scholarships available.

Find out more about these opportunities.

Our West Africa Office

The University has a dedicated West Africa Office, based in Lagos, which can offer you advice and support on the application process and immigration and visa issues, as well as answering any other questions you may have.

Nigerian student societies

Nigerian students play a major role in many of the national, cultural and sporting societies in Sheffield. The Nigerian Society and the African and Caribbean Society are both popular societies, providing a support network for Nigerian students right across the University, promoting the Nigerian socio-cultural identity and organising events such as the ACS Talent Night, ACS Christmas Ball, as well as participating in events run by the Union’s International Students’ Committee, including the International Cultural Evening, World Week and World Food Festival.

Nigerian Society
African and Caribbean Society

More information

For more information for Nigerian applicants, including advice on visas, representatives in Nigeria and visits to your area, please visit our International Office webpages.