Dr Andreas Vlachos presents at the European Parliament Dr Andreas Vlachos

Dr Andreas Vlachos was one of the presenters at the European Parliament STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) Annual Lecture: Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. The purpose of the lecture is to raise public awareness of and interest in science and technology issues. The event invites eminent speakers to talk about subjects which are high on the political agenda.

This year the lecture focussed on the implications of using artificial intelligence on traditional media as well as social media and to investigate the challenges and opportunities presented by algorithms to our systems of creating, managing and disseminating information. For this purpose, the event had a panel consisting of AI experts from academia (Bristol, MIT, Sheffield), tech companies (Google, Facebook, Athens Technology Center) and publishers (Elsevier, Deutsche Welle) to present their views and answer questions by the coordinator and the public.

The presentation given by Andreas was on automated fact-checking, focussing on we want from it as well as his vision which is to help ground public discourse on facts and educate people to seek evidence in order to assess the information they receive.

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