Fake news clampdown

Research being carried out by staff at Sheffield has been mentioned in The Guardian. 

Google has given €150,000 to three UK organisations who are working on fact-checking projects to help journalists and the public avoid falling for fake stories and bogus claims.  €50,000 of the funding is being given to a project called Factmata, developed at University College London and University of Sheffield.  Dr Andreas Vlachos from the Department of Computer Science (Sheffield) is a chief research scientist on the Factama project.  You can read more on The Guardian website 

factmata logo

Dr Vlachos commented "a lot of research in natural language processing and machine learning has been driven by the need to answer questions. The challenge in automating fact checking is different: given a claim, we need to generate questions to verify it. Google's Digital News Initiative fund will help Factmata build upon our academic research at the University of Sheffield and at University College London to empower people to fact check what they read. For more information have a look at our introductory blog post."