Mahrez to Madrid? Morata to Man City? Totti to Tottenham? New Football App predicts likelihood of the big money transfers

LONDON: Football Whispers, a new global football digital platform has launched as the world’s first transfer predictor, giving football fans around the world the inside track on player movements. The first of its kind, Football Whispers uses a complex algorithm that can predict the likelihood of multi-million-pound football transfers taking place.

Rumoured football transfers are given a Football Whispers ‘Unique Index Score’ on a scale of 1 to 5 as an indication of how likely a transfer is to happen - the higher the number calculated the more likely the player is to move clubs. Using multiple data points, the algorithm looks at the volume of conversation (chatter), the authority of the sources and the recency of the story, as well as a host of other factors.

The technology behind the platform has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science's Organisations, Information and Knowledge (OAK) research group. During the website’s trial period for the January transfer window, it saw 100,000 users in four weeks and proved its index system by verifying rumours such as Henry Saivet to Newcastle United 3 days before other mainstream UK media outlets picked up the rumour, and 2 weeks before the rumour became a reality when Saivet signed for Newcastle United.

Dr. Mo Sacoor, Football Whispers’ Founder and Chairman said, “We are really excited and proud to provide football fans around the globe with the world’s first transfer predictor, Football Whispers. After months of planning and development we believe that Football Whispers is a resource that will enhance a football fan’s online experience – providing fans with a regular source of transfer rumours and much wanted football news, all in one place. We have ambitious plans to continually develop the technology, capabilities and offering available to Football Whispers users that will allow football fans to stay close to teams and their players at all times.”

Professor Fabio Ciravegna, who leads the OAK research group, said "Attempting to predict the validity of football rumours is no easy feat, but as a result of this close partnership we have helped create an innovation that is able to sift through hundreds of millions of data items on both the web and social media, to turn the whispers into a transfer prediction score! Our method combines large-scale text processing, machine learning, data science and visual analytics with a large scale architecture."

Football Whispers operates as a credible news source for supporters. As well as giving fans the chance to check out the truth behind the football rumours, footballwhispers offers comment, insight and analysis into the world of football.

As part of the launch, Football Whispers has announced two exciting new media partnerships with Sky Sports and Sky Sports will be utilising the Football Whispers ‘Unique Index Score’ technology in their transfer related content on Sky Sports digital platforms. And Football Whispers will work in conjunction with on their new Rumours section.

Sky Sports Head of Digital Content, Mark Alford added, "We're looking forward to our users interacting with Football Whispers technology within our hugely popular Transfer Centre product. All us football fans love a good transfer story!"