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  • The University of Sheffield named an NVIDIA GPU Education Center

    Engineers from the University of Sheffield have announced that they have been named a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA.

  • Zampolli Prize

    Prof. Roger Moore awarded Antonio Zampolli Prize for his "Contributions to the Advancement of Language Resources & Language Technology Evaluation within Human Language Technologies".

  • Women in Science PhD Poster Competition

    Najawa Alghamdi, PhD student, has been selected to present her research at the Royal Society for the ‘L'Oréal-UNESCO For
    Women in Science PhD Poster Competition’



    Undergraduate student, Dominic Jackson, has been part of a team which has developed a new website called Loggacy.

  • Football Whispers


    Mahrez to Madrid? Morata to Man City? Totti to Tottenham? New Football App predicts likelihood of the big money transfers

  • Researchers' Symposium 2016

    Department of Computer Science: Researchers' Symposium 2016

    The Department of Computer Science Researchers’ Symposium (DCS-RS) 2016 aimed to bring together the department's Research Associates (RAs) to learn about career development opportunities, get informed about different aspects of their research activities and get together to discuss new research collaborations or identify new application areas for their research.

  • Bee Model Visualisation

    Bee model could be breakthrough for robot development

    Bee model could be breakthrough for robot development

    Scientists at the University of Sheffield have created a computer model of how bees avoid hitting walls – which could be a breakthrough in the development of autonomous robots.

  • Dr Paul Richmond and Dr Mike Croucher awarded EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellowships

    Dr Paul Richmond and Dr Mike Croucher have both been awarded EPSRC Early Career Research Software Engineering (RSE) Fellowships which will commence in March 2016.

  • Transport Planners of the future will delve into interactive virtual worlds

    A collaboration between Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) and The Department of Computer Science are using advanced hardware to create large scale pedestrian simulations in an immersive virtual reality setting.

  • How to make sense of long comment threads on newspaper websites

    An eight-member team led by Professor Rob Gaizauskas and Dr Mark Hepple have collaborated with the Guardian to create a system which is able to transform a large thread into a coherent and concise account of the commenters’ opinions.

  • Robot revolution raises urgent societal issues not yet addressed by policy

    Rapid developments in the automation of our everyday lives have prompted a world leading multidisciplinary group of technology scholars to form the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR).

  • codefirst:girls event


    Computer Science run evening course with CodeFirst:Girls for university students wanting to learn programming

  • Computer Science Society hosts 24 hour gaming jam

    The Computer Science Society will host a 24 hour game jam on the 14 November at the University Sheffield

  • Student wins 2nd Place Award for the ESEC/FSE Student Research Competition

    Second place awarded to one of our students, Tom White, for the paper he submitted to the undergraduate category at an international conference (FSE). 

  • BBC Radio 4 Digital Human

    DCS Professor James Marshall discusses the Green Brain project, bees, robots and Turing Tests on BBC Radio 4