Undergraduate student, Dominic Jackson, develops new website: Loggacy

Loggacy is a website which allows users to share and record their most poignant moments of their life with their closes friends and family. 


Dominic Jackson (third year, undergraduate computer science student) has developed a new website along with a peer at the University of Leeds. 

Loggacy invites users to record the most poignant moments of their life on an intuitive platform that enables their life to be preserved perpetually and shared only with their closest family and friends. Loggacy places an emphasis on the personal; encouraging users to create an autobiography of their life that serves to inform future generations of exactly who they were.

Loggacy was born from the personal desire to ‘never be forgotten’. A desire accruing from a sadness that people look at black and white photos of their ancestors and wonder what they have achieved, what they have experienced and what they have seen.  Loggacy was founded with the intention of attaching a story to these photos; connecting generations of families and friends through a safe and secure digital platform.

"As budding entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts it has always been our ambition to innovate and we believe that Loggacy serves a genuine purpose in a world that has become convoluted with information about an individual that is both impersonal and misguided. Loggacy puts the user back at the centre of the experience; providing the individual with a personal space that is theirs to both manage and share.

We hope that our personal passion to leave a legacy will be realised through the successful establishment of Loggacy, so that we, along with our users, will be able to make a mark on this world that is preserved perpetually.

Loggacy is being launched at a time where there has been an increased focus on the creation and preservation of a digital legacy. Individuals and families are considering what happens to their digital self after death and how they can ensure that they leave a digital imprint for the reference of their children and grandchildren - this is why our website is so important!"

Dominic Jackson, BSc Computer Science

To find out more go to Loggacy.com