Dr Paul Richmond and Dr Mike Croucher awarded EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellowships

EPSCR fellowship success for Paul Richmond and Mike Croucher

Dr Paul Richmond and Dr Mike Croucher have both been awarded EPSRC Early Career Research Software Engineering (RSE) Fellowships which will commence in March 2016.

The RSE Fellowship is a new scheme launched by EPSRC which aims to address increased demand and reliance on software in supporting research.

Dr Richmond and Dr Croucher secured 2 of only 7 national awards. This is testament to the importance that the University of Sheffield places on research software. They will be working with a broad range of university researchers, pioneering new initiatives for research software engineering over the course of their five year fellowships. Dr Richmond and Dr Croucher jointly launched the University of Sheffield RSE Initiative to coordinate their highly complementary activities for supporting research and to promote and develop the role of the research software engineer at the University.

Researchers working on developing software for research or proving research software support are encouraged to join the initiative. Researchers wanting to work with Dr Richmond or Dr Croucher are invited to contact them through the Research Software Engineering website.

The focus of Dr Richmond’s fellowship reflects his focus on the development of software to support research, predominantly through the application of emerging hardware architectures to complex systems simulation.

Dr Croucher’s fellowship aims to provides a bottom-up approach to providing RSE services that is distinctive from, yet complements, the top-down approach provided by the EPRSC-funded Software Sustainability Institute.