Professor Fabio Ciravegna Alumni fund bid success

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Seeing With My Own Eyes is a project set up by Professor Fabio Cireavegna from the Department of Computer Science. The project aims to help visually impaired students fully participate in lectures.

Professor Ciravegna has developed a tool which enables the mirroring of the screen used by the lecturer on to the student's lap top or tablet. As the mirroring happens in a normal browser, the student will be able to use any usual support tools they have access to, e.g. magnifiers. This allows students to fully participate in the learning experience. With a minor modification, the tool could also cater for hearing impaired students by providing the voice of the lecturer directly in their own headphones or hearing system.

A great thing about the tool is the cost which is zero: it works on a normal computer and also enables mirroring on tablets and phones. It can be used on any computer in our lecture theatres or labs and on personal devices.

Professor Ciravegna says he is very excited about this project because of the potential impact on people's lives.

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