Information for Schools and Teachers

Have you ever wondered what Computer Science is really all about? Here we offer a number of opportunities for schools, ICT teachers and the general public to find out more about Computer Science. Our staff engage in a number of public outreach activities during the year, including guest lectures and media appearances. Also, we participate in summer schools for post-GCSE and organise special events for local schools, by arrangement.

Reflex Studio - Virtual Forest

Masterclasses for Schools

We offer different masterclasses, designed mainly for students in school years 10-12. Each masterclass lasts for one and a half hours, and gives you hands-on experience using computers to do something exciting. Each masterclass can take a maximum of 15 students, plus accompanying staff from their school. Examples of activities we can run are:

  • Building 3D Worlds in Virtual Reality
  • Lego Robot Soccer Programming Challenge
  • Design Your Own Pac-Man Computer Game

Email : Contact our outreach programme.

Summer School Programme

We participate in two national summer schools for post-GCSE students interested in following a future career in Science and Engineering. These are residential and happen during the first weeks of the summer vacation in July each year. Each summer school offers attendees an insight into life and work in our Science and Engineering departments.

As part of the deal, students get to take one or more of the masterclasses in computing, as described above. But there are also social activites, such as a meal out or a trip to the local bowling alley.

Guest Lectures

Our staff accept invitations to speak at various local events, such as National Science Week in March each year The guest lectures last about an hour and often include demonstrations of the latest research. Recent lecturers have included:

  • Prof. Fabio Ciravegna: Jets, music festivals and flying drones. And you thought that computing was boring? (click here for Prof. Ciravegna's outreach page)
  • Prof. Roger Moore: Computers that can speak and hear
  • Dr. Dawn Walker: The virtual human - when chips are good for you

Email :Contact our outreach programme.