Finding people in rooms

Members of the department are located in Regent Court, on the ground floor and 1st floor, and on the ground floor, Regent Court West (which is formally a separate building but is actually the other half of Regent Court!). Floorplans are available indicating which staff are in which rooms.

To a lesser extent, members of the department are also located in other buildings on campus. We do not provide floorplans of these buildings, but provide a list of rooms occupied by our department. Note that some staff may have an office in more than one location!

Room numbers will be displayed like this:

Gxx Ground floor, Regent Court view the floorplan
1xx First floor, Regent Court view the floorplan
G0xx Ground floor, Regent Court West view the floorplan
xxx All other locations view room list

Note that Regent Court and Regent Court West have very similar room numbers - for example, G09 is in Regent Court, but G009 is in Regent Court West!