William Furnass

Research Software Engineer

Phone: +44 (0) 114 222 1903

Member of Research Software Engineering
Personal website: staffwww.dcs.shef.ac.uk/people/W.Furnass/
Managed by: Paul Richmond


Will Furnass Profile Photo


Will Furnass joined the Research Software Engineering team in January 2017, after previously having: worked in research computing support; completed a PhD and work as a PDRA in water engineering; gained a MSc in environmental engineering; worked as an IT engineer in the film industry; gained a BSc in computer science.

In his current role he has contributed to developing a JupyterHub service for the university's HPC clusters (as part of the EU-funded OpenDreamKit project), provided research computing support to the Insigneo Institute, developed and packaged Python software for several projects, helped with HPC systems administration, ran/helped run Software Carpentry and more specialised training courses, and provided general research computing support to researchers across campus.

His interests include: numerical computing witih Python, high-performance computing (HPC), systems administration and teaching/training.