Aneeq ur Rehman

Aneeq ur Rehman. MSc Data Analytics Student. Standing outside the cafe at the student accommodation
Aneeq ur Rehman
MSc student
MSc Data Analytics
Lots of opportunities for research and a chance to work with some members of the industry are just two highlights of the department's MSc in Data Analytics course for Aneeq ur Rehman.

What made you pick Data Analytics?

A lot of factors to be honest. The future lies with AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing, and I am strongly drawn to AI from the very start. I believe there is tremendous untapped potential in these areas and it offers so much learning, I also like to engage in challenging tasks and kind of get bored with the mundane, so this area is all about diversity, learning, engaging, expanding and leveraging my skillset in the best possible way! Also did I mention how much you’re in demand and the diversity of jobs in which data analysts can engage in!

Why did you choose Sheffield as a place to Study?

The University of Sheffield has some of the best teachers and research in the computer science department! You definitely get to learn a lot. It is a chance to learn from the best! Also masters in US and most areas is two years and a bit expensive and this was definitely the better option for me. I am also a huge diehard fan of Jimmy Anderson and Dua Lipa and was hoping I could meet them as well and get some autographs whilst in the UK!

What do you think is the best thing about the course?

The learning! No doubts in that. It’s a lot of hard work but rewarding as well! You get to learn so much and you learn like three programming languages with a potential of fourth in just a few months. I don’t think you get that anywhere so fast. Also, the best thing about my course is that you also get a lot of opportunities for research and a chance to work with some members of the industry. There are also projects highly associated with the industries and real-world challenges which can give you practical experience useful for jobs. Also I made an amazing group of friends!

What are you going to do once you have graduated?

Ideally I would want to work as a data analyst in the UK and gain more experience in the skills that I have acquired and then maybe work with Google, Facebook , Bioware or Amazon one day if things work out but I am open to options. I am really interested in gaining some experience as a game developer as well so let’s see! I do plan to do a PHD one day, not sure when but its on my list. I have learned overtime that you just need to keeping working hard and if it’s meant to be it will be! So if you make a decision, have zero regrets and just keep pushing forward. Things will work out eventually one way or the other! And just do what makes you happy and what your passionate about!