The regular course work that pushes me to the fullest makes me enjoy the programme a lot.

Vamsi Sai Turlapati standing outside the Diamond
Vamsi Sai Turlapati
Postgraduate student
MSc Data Analytics
Vamsi Sai Turlapati is a software engineer by profession, and the MSc Data Analytics degree is helping him to broaden his horizons in the world of artificial intelligence.

Why did you choose to study for your degree at Sheffield?
I found that the programme goes through the field of machine learning and other related fields from the first principles, which is an amazing way to learn about data science than to learn to just use the frameworks available.

What aspects of the programme do you enjoy the most?

The regular course work that pushes me to the fullest makes me enjoy the programme a lot. Assignments and the lab work are well thought out for any student to understand the essence of the concepts and further enhances my ability to understand them, and the academic and research staff are knowledgeable and well equipped with the advancements in the field.

How do you think your programme will help your career prospects?
As a software engineer by profession and having worked in the data engineering side of things, I believe the insight in data science will help on my path towards building software that is more involved in the realm of artificial intelligence.

What do you like best about studying at Sheffield?
Sheffield is a cosy city that is home to people from many backgrounds. I have found it to be lively and comfortable at the same time, away from the hustle and bustle of rather larger cities. It is a great place to study and enjoy student life.

What are your future plans?
I plan to work on building software that will use my skillset in both software engineering and data analysis.

Any tips for new students?
I would strongly suggest newcomers to not miss a chance to get away into the beautiful Peak District next door. Also, do not forget to work on your walking skills before you arrive in this wonderfully walkable city.

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