CLUK Business Meeting 7th January 1998

JT - John Tait
YW - Yorick Wilks
ADR - Anne De Roek
JT reported that there were 15 submissions, of which 13 were accepted - the remaining two papers were offered poster sessions but declined. 21 people registered for the conference, which was expected to make a small financial loss.

JT asked if contributers would like to have full papers published in the Springer series. There were two dissenters, the rest were agreeable. JT explained that papers would have to be reviewed by the CLUK committee and people would have the opportunity to revise papers. A time scale of two months was mentioned.

YW suggested that if there were no publications all abstracts would be put onto the CLUK website.

Two Student Reps volunteered to join the CLUK core group: Diana Maynard (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Carole Tiberius (University of Brighton) volunteered to be student reps.

Next Colloquium:
This was widespread support for running a follow up meeting of a similar kind. It was generally agreed that the format of the conference was OK, though some would have liked a longer timescale to allow people to get to know each other. After some discussion early January 1999 was agreed as the best time.

Next time it was suggested we require abstracts of 1200 - 1500 words with references were agreed in order to give the programme committee more information on which to make jadgements about quality, especially in view of the likely increase in submissions.

Date and Venue:
It was agreed that JT will be responsible for finding the next venue and will mail around for volunteers. ADR agreed that Essex may be possible, and others suggested Brighton might be possible, although other venues should be expolored in view of e.g. ECAI in Brighton and SALT meetings at Essex. The exact timing of the next meeting will probably depend on the venue's teaching timetable.

The EPSRC might wish to tag on an additional evening/half day meeting if they wished to consult the CLUK community about any issues at around the time of the meeting.

Invited Speakers:
The meeting was told that EPSRC had agreed in principle to fund speakers if they gave a talk, subject to a satisfactory proposal being recieved. It was agreed that members will be polled about a list of possible speakers.

Any other Business:
ADR asked if anyone had any complaints about the colloquium or suggestions for improvements - no-one had.

YW asked if members thought that linking the CLUK site to NLP courses available in all UK universities would be useful - it was generally agreed it would.

(Thanks to Yvonne Canning for taking notes in the meeting and producing the first draft).