Publicising CLUK:

  • For those not on the mailing list, supervisors are the main source of info.
  • Most people thought there should be more attendees at the colloquium

The format of the event:

  • This appears to be fine in terms of length overall and length of sessions.
  • Length of talks is generally thought to be OK, but more time for questions/ feedback would be appreciated.


  • is not generally a problem for UK-based researchers. There was however one UK-based student who doesn't get (department/grant) funding to go to conferences.

Submission and reviewing of papers:

  • No problems with submission generally, and reviewers' comments were thought to be useful.
  • Equal opinions on submitting abstracts or full papers. If full papers are to be published then people would generally prefer to submit them as such.


  • definitely important, but debate as to whether web-based or printed (or both).
  • Preferably printed if possible.


  • January is mostly thought to be a good time by the students, as long as it's not too early in the month, because of Christmas (some depts. are shut down completely) and other deadlines. However, it has to be out of term time if we want to attract more senior researchers. January seems extremely busy for them due to all sorts of conference deadlines (+ marking, etc.
  • Easter was suggested as an alternative.

Keeping the event for students:

  • this is definitely desirable, but many people would like to see it embedded in some kind of larger event, or to have a separate larger event for non-students. The former would guarantee the presence of more established researchers which people found useful for feedback etc.
  • The question of whether "recent students" ie those who have just finished their PhD, should be allowed to present arose too.

Panel sessions:

  • equal opinions either way, although concern about the time it would take up.

Special session for research etc.

  • Not generally welcomed in view of time constraints and the fact that it is not really considered the right place to do this.
  • But suggestions for making this type of information available on the website.

General comments:

  • Lots of very favourable comments about CLUK2!