Current Funding Opportunities

Here are links to the current funding opportunities available from the various funding bodies

Group Meetings

These are the usual times. Meetings are held in the either G22 or the Ada Lovelace (107-108) unless otherwise stated. Would reading group convenors please keep this up-to-date.

Thursdays, 12pm

NLP General Meeting & Seminar (weekly) - convenor Rob; everyone in the NLP group should attend this if possible.

Reading Group Meetings

Current Reading Groups

Tuesdays, 11-12pm

NLP Reading Group - convenor Andreas.

Past Reading Groups

Mondays, 1pm

OntoLex group - includes KR - (fortnightly, alternates with Terminology group) - convenors Wim and Roberta

Terminology group (fortnightly, alternates with OntoLex group) - convenor Angus

Tuesdays, 11am

Architectures, the Grid, and Web services group - convenor Hamish.

Tuesdays, 14.00pm

Social Web & 2.0 Reading Group (fortnightly after NLP General Meeting) - convenors Matt Rowe.

Thursdays, 1pm

Summarisation (fortnightly) - convenor Horacio.

Thursdays, 3pm

GATE team meeting - convenor Hamish.

Group Resources