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The Testing Research Group is one of the largest groups of its kind in the UK developing innovative approaches to software testing and quality assurance. Drawing equally on theory and practice, its research mission is to apply developments from theoretical computer science to practical software engineering solutions for industry. The group investigates a number of areas, including model-based testing, search-based testing, security testing, reverse engineering, model-driven engineering, multi-agent modelling and XML data processing.

Crossing the boundaries between the recovery and verification of designs, to the generation of economical test-suites that exercise software completely, our research has created innovative tools for industry, including: EvoSuite, JWalk, Broker@Cloud, HOLTestGen (test generation), StateChum, SUMO (reverse engineering) and FLAME (agent-based modelling).  Our work is funded by the EU (ProTest, Broker@Cloud, ProWess), EPSRC, InnovateUK and by industry (Google, Microsoft and BAe).

Track Leaders

Testing Research Group, June 2016

Kirill Bogdanov - Reverse Engineering
Achim Brucker - Security Testing
John Derrick - Property-based Testing
Gordon Fraser - Search-based and Mutation Testing
Mike Holcombe - Advanced Computing Research
Phil McMinn - Search-based and Interface Testing
Siobhán North - XML Data Processing
Pietro Oliveto - Evaluation of Algorithms
Anthony Simons Model-Driven Engineering and Testing