Research Projects

Below is a listing of our research projects since around 2000.  The project identifier code links to the record held by the funding body; and the project name links to any project website, or project deliverable describing the project.

Externally-Funded Projects
DfT T-TRIG OC068 2017 Ferromone Trails Concept PI: Simons £24,635
EPSRC EP/N023978/1 2016-2020 GReaTest: Growing Readable software Tests PI: Fraser
CI: McMinn
Innovate UK 102377 2016-2019 Future Engineering System PI: Simons, Holcombe £249,844
Microsoft 2015-2016 Microsoft Azure Academic and 80 Student Accounts for Cloud Computing PI: Simons $51,000
EPSRC EP/M004252/1 2015-2020 Rigorous Runtime Analysis of Bio-Inspired Computing PI: Oliveto £1,266,592
EPSRC EP/K030353/1 2014-2015 Explorative Test Oracle Generation PI: Fraser £92,718
HEFCE Catalyst 2013-2016 ACRC: Advanced Computing Research Centre PI: Holcombe c. £2M
Microsoft Research Ltd 2013-2016 Automatic Testing of Natural User Interfaces PI: Fraser £15,625
Google 2012-2017 Test Amplification PI: Fraser £158,228
BBSCR BB/J009687/1 2012-2015 Defining TILRR regulation of distinct IL-1RI responses using systems biology CI: Holcombe £553,186
EU FP7 ICT-318392 2012-2015 Broker@Cloud: Enabling Continuous Quality Assurance and Optimization for Future Cloud Service Brokers PI: Simons £323,688
EU FP7 ICT-317820 2012-2015 PROWESS:  Property-based Testing of Web Services PI: Derrick £405,800
EPSRC EP/I031812/1 2012-2015 ROADBLOCK: Towards Programmable Defensive Bacterial Coatings and Skins CI: Gheorghe £605,234
EPSRC EP/I010386/1 2011-2014 RECOST: Reducing the Cost of Oracles for Software Testing PI: McMinn £302,580
EPSRC EP/I030654/1 2011-2013 Exploitation of High Performance Computing in the FLAME Agent-Based Simulation Framework PI: Holcombe, CI: Gheorghe £183,934
EPSRC EP/H028900/1 2010-2013 Rigorous Runtime Analysis of Nature Inspired Meta-heuristics PI: Oliveto £264,223
INTERREG IVC-12 2010-2012 OSEPA: Open Source software usage by European Public Administrations PI: Gheorghe, CI: Holcombe £145,202
EPSRC EP/G009600/1 2009-2012 Automated Discovery of Emergent Misbehaviour PI: McMinn £241,737
EPSRC EP/F065825/1 2009-2012 REGI: Reverse Engineering State Machine Hierarchies by Grammar Inference PI: Bogdanov, CI: McMinn, Holcombe £315,209
EPSRC EP/H002456/1 2009-2012 StaMInA: A Novel Competition to Drive the Comparative Evaluation of State Machine Inference Approaches PI: Bogdanov, CI: Walkinshaw £19,772
EPSRC EP/G031711/1 2009-2012 Refine-MDA:  Higher-Order Refinement Techniques for Model-Driven Architecture PI: Derrick, CI: Struth, Simons £318,523
EU FP7 ICT-215868 2008-2011 ProTest: Property-based Testing PI: Derrick £277,503
EPSRC EP/E01867X/1 2007-2009 Bridging the Gap between Mathematics, ICT and Engineering Research at Sheffield CI: Derrick £350,842
EPSRC EP/F012535/1 2007 TaicPart 2007: Testing Academia and Industry Conference - Practice and Research Techniques CI: McMinn £27,531
EU FP6 IST-035086 2006-2009 EURACE: An agent-based software platform for European economic policy design with heterogeneous interacting agents: new insights from a bottom up approach to economic modelling and simulation PI: Holcombe €296,544
EPSRC EP/D031516/1 2006-2009 Sheffield Software Engineering Observatory PI: Holcombe, CI: Gheorghe, Cowling £484,180
EPSRC EP/D077095/1 2006 TaicPart 2006:  Testing Academia and Industry Conference - Practice and Research Techniques CI: McMinn £15,208
EPSRC GR/S62338/01 2005-2010 The Epitheliome: computatonal modelling of epithelial tissue CI: Holcombe, Smallwood, Clayton £442,846
EPSRC GR/S62321/01 2005-2009 The Epitheliome: computatonal modelling of epithelial tissue PI: Smallwood, CI: Holcombe, Clayton £1,596,474
EPSRC EP/C525000/1 2005-2009 Formally-based Tool Support for Erlang Development PI: Derrick £225,425
EPSRC EP/C511883/1 2005-2008 AutoAbstract: Automated Abstraction of Code into a State-based Specification and Test Generation PI: Bogdanov, CI: Holcombe £206,347
EPSRC EP/D002540/1 2005-2008 MASSING: Multi-Agent Search Strategies in Natural Groups PI: Holcombe £160,037
EU FP6 IST-002164 2004-2006 COSPA: A Consortium for studying, evaluating, and supporting the introduction of Open Source software and open data standards in the Public Administration PI: Holcombe, CI: North €305,200
EPSRC GR/R84221/01 2002-2005 Molecular X-Machines PI: Gheorghe £56,708
EPSRC GR/R43150/01 2001-2005 FORTEST: Formal Methods and Testing (Network) CI: Holcombe, Derrick, Simons, Bogdanov, Gheorghe, Cowling £63,158
EPSRC GR/M56777/01 1999-2002 MOTIVE: Method for Object Testing, Integration and Verification PI: Simons, CI: Holcombe £221,238
EPSRC GR/M56586/01 1999-2001 The Cytocom Network - Emerging Cytocomputatioal Systems CI: Holcombe £51,657
EPSRC GR/L86180/01 1998-2002 Lax Logic applied to Formal Systems Design PI: Fairtlough, CI: Holcombe £181,454