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Academic Articles

Here you can find research publications for the Testing Research Group, listed by academic.  The head link navigates to the official web page for the relevant academic (with highlighted favourite publications).  The remaining links navigate to their DBLP author page, their Google Scholar citations page and optionally a self-maintained publications page.

Academic Staff
Dr Kirill E Bogdanov DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Achim D Brucker DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Prof John Derrick DBLP GoogleScholar
Dr Gordon Fraser DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Philip S McMinn DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Siobhán D North DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Pietro S Oliveto DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Anthony J H Simons DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Affiliated Academics
Prof Graham Birtwistle DBLP GoogleScholar
Eur Ing Dr Anthony J Cowling DBLP GoogleScholar
Dr Dimitris Dranidis DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr George Eleftherakis DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Prof W Michael L Holcombe DBLP GoogleScholar
Prof Petros Kefalas DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Mariam Kiran DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Ioanna Stamatopoulou DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Neil Walkinshaw DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Research Staff
Dr Hao Bai DBLP GoogleScholar
Dr Mathew Hall DBLP GoogleScholar
Dr Jose Miguel Rojas Siles DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Ramsay Taylor DBLP GoogleScholar
Affiliated Researchers
Dr Mike Croucher GoogleScholar
Dr Raluca-Elena Lefticaru DBLP GoogleScholar Web
Dr Paul Richmond DBLP GoogleScholar Web

 Research Theses

Here you can find recently-published PhD (and MPhil) theses, which have been deposited in the White Rose eTheses Online repository.  Follow links to the abstract, and then to the full thesis (if public) or to a request form (if a time-embargo restriction has been placed on public release).

Recently Published Theses
Dr Sina Shamshiri 2017 Automated Unit Testing of Evolving Software
Dr Dimitrios Kourtesis 2017 Policy-Driven Governance in Cloud Service Ecosystems
Mr Samer Al Khazraji 2016 A Labelling Technique Comparison for Indexing Large XML Database
Mr Konstantinos Rousis 2016 Disciplined Exploitation of Emergent Properties
Dr Abdullah Alsaeedi 2016 Improving Software Model Inference by Combining State Merging and Markov Models
Dr Rustem Dautov 2016 EXCLAIM Framework: a Monitoring and Analysis Framework to Support Self-Governance in Cloud Application Platforms
Dr Fotios Gonidis 2016 A Framework Enabling the Cross-Platform Development of Service-based Cloud Applications
Dr Christopher Wright 2016 Mutation Analysis of Relational Database Schemas
Dr Alaa Almelibari 2015 Labelling Dynamic XML Documents: a Group Based Approach
Dr Ahmad Subahi 2015 A Business User Model-Driven Engineering Method for Developing Information Systems
Dr Othlapile Dinakenyane 2014 SIQXC: Schema Independent Queryable XML Compression for Smartphones
Ms Isidora Petreska 2014 Biologically Inspired Agents: A Framework for Formal Modelling and Simulation of Agents with Elementary Spatial Attributes
Dr Joseph Vella 2014 An Object-Oriented Data and Query Model
Dr Sheeva Afshan 2013 Search-Based Generation of Human Readable Test Data and Its Impact on Human Oracle Costs
Dr Norah Farooqi 2013 Applying Dynamic Trust Based Access Control to Improve XML Databases Security
Dr Mathew Hall 2013 Improving Software Remodularisation
Dr Ognen Paunovski 2013 Exploring Emergent Phenomena: Towards Analysis and Synthesis of Emergent Formations in Complex Systems
Dr Ervin Ramollari 2013 Automated Verification and Testing of Third-Party Web Services

Last updated 04/07/2017